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Matthijs de Ligt: Liverpool Rumours
Transfer windows have been both a source of joy and frustration for me over the years. When I was much younger, I'd look forward to the summer transfer window like a young child counts down the days until Christmas. It was exciting to hear about Liverpool being linked to a new player that could take us to the next level. Of course, I hardly knew a thing about the foreign players we'd be looking to sign, but there was a thrill about the possibility of seeing a new great player grace the Anfield pitch. I'm old before my time here, but things feel different these days. Social media and 24/7 sports news have meant that the transfer window is now talked about throughout the entire season. Twitter, in particular, has become a hive of transfer 'in the knows', most of which are young people who spend their free time fabricating stories for a few retweets and follows. In truth, it's made transfer rumours tedious because you simply can't believe most of them. Sky Sports even have a dedicated Transfer Deadline Day show where they wheel out Jim White in a stupid gold tie and make him act like he's climaxing whenever there's the possibility of a development in a story. News just in, it's probably nonsense. Nonetheless, I still find myself somewhat excited at the idea of a new transfer that could change the fortunes of a team. This is especially the case when there are some quotes from the player that hint at a possibility of truth in the story. Transfers don't always work out but you live in hope that you're signing the next big thing. Virgil van Dijk is a prime example of this. I'd been hoping that Liverpool would sign him and was over the moon when I saw that first photograph of him holding the Red shirt. At £75M, social media was awash with rival fans claiming he was a waste of money but the statistics speak for themselves. Virgil van Dijk is the best defender in the world and there isn't anyone who can convince me otherwise. As I logged on to my computer today, I rolled my eyes at headlines claiming that Liverpool could be signing Matthijs de Ligt in the near future. I was sure it would be a lazy story put together by someone who had seemingly noticed the connection with his international partner, van Dijk. Upon opening the articles, however, it became apparent that there could be a slight possibility of these stories being true. Matthijs de Ligt has seemingly spoken on camera about playing alongside van Dijk at Liverpool: Virgil is a player who has experience in the top leagues. Of course, you would want to learn from him. It’s very helpful playing alongside him in the Dutch team. It could happen. He plays for Liverpool, a good club, but I’m not focused on them. I focus on Ajax and then I’ll see where I end up. It's pretty exciting to think about the idea of this duo playing together in the centre of Liverpool's defence. Of course, nothing may come of this but there is a feeling at the club that Klopp means business in the transfer window. Long gone are the days of signing poor quality players on the cheap. Liverpool have made several statements of intent over the last few years and it is paying dividends on the pitch. Something that excites me most about this potential transfer is the fact that van Dijk would seemingly love to play alongside de Ligt at club level. In a recent interview, Virgil had nothing but positive things to say about him: A good defender, good boy, calm, knows what he wants and hopefully, he makes the right choice in his next step.“He will be on the list because they have enough scouts at the club. “If they need my opinion at Liverpool, I’ll give it. Source Matthijs de Ligt is one of the most promising central defenders in world football right now. At just 19 years of age, he is showing signs that he is going to become one of the best around, and I don't believe there is anyone better than van Dijk for him to learn from. Of course, there will be interest from other big clubs that don't need to be mentioned by name here, but Liverpool is a project that I believe many top players will be interested in right now. So, Jurgen, let's go and get him.

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