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Multiple Choice Madness!! Sports Style!!
For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about starting a series of posts on Scorum designed to engage the community in debates. One of the most fun and dividing things about sports is our thoughts and opinions about teams and players. We all have different allegiances that can be based on our hometown, family influences or personal experiences. We all have our favourite sports, teams, and players that we cheer for as well as our opinions about who the best and most exciting teams or players are. There are things that happen every single day in the world of sports that get us talking and sometimes arguing about. These discussions can make for some of the most entertaining back and forth banter. In the end, it all comes down to a matter of opinion in many cases and everyone always seems to have the stats and analysis to support and justify their arguments. Source This got me thinking about bringing some of these debates here to Scorum. What better way to engage the community than to throw a topic into the ring and have people chip in their opinions and debate. This will be the first installment of the Multiple Choice Madness series. Each week I will post a couple of questions about some of the interesting debates in the sports world and give you some options to choose from. From there the debate will be turned over to you. I want you to tell me your choices for each question and the rationale behind them. There is really no point just giving an answer without backing it up. This is where the debate happens. The topics will cover a wide range of sports and players. They will also cover a broad range of topics. It could be anything from who the greatest player in a sport is to contract talks to off-field issues with players. They will NOT be trivia questions where there is only one answer, but rather they will be opinion based questions. The goal is to make it fun and relevant and get the community engaged. Source So let's get things kicked off with our first two questions. The first question this week is inspired by the unfathomable comeback made yesterday by Liverpool in the Champions League. After losing the first leg of the semi-finals to Barcelona 3-0, Liverpool was all but counted out and the talk was more about who Barcelona would play in the final. Liverpool, however, had other ideas. Without the presence of two of their best strikers, Liverpool was able to shock the soccer world with a 4-0 victory and advancing to the Champions League final against either Ajax or Tottenham. Being a new fan to the world of soccer I got to wondering about what the greatest comebacks in Champions League history were. Opinions about this may differ based on loyalties, teams, players and circumstances making it a perfect topic for debating. What is the biggest comeback win in Champions League History?Liverpool over Barcelona after trailing 3-0 (Semi Finals 2018-19)Roma over Barcelona after trailing 4-1 (Quarters 2017-18)Liverpool over AC Milan after trailing 3-0 with only a half to play (Finals 2004-05)Deportivo La Coruna over AC Milan after trailing 4-1 (Quarters 2003-04)Other Source Sticking with the soccer theme for this week I am curious to know what basket you would place all the marbles in for a do or die situation. Imagine you are the manager of a team in the biggest game of your career. The game has come down to penalties and you have only one kicker remaining. If he scores, your team wins. It might be one of the highest pressure situations in sports. Having the right guy in there can be the difference between glory and heartbreak. If you could have ANY player in soccer today kick a game-deciding penalty, who would it be?Christiano RonaldoLionel MessiMohamed Salah Robert Lewandowski Kylian Mbappé Other I'm looking forward to hearing your answers to the first Multiple Choice Madness. Make sure to give your rational or reasoning for your choice. Even better, feel free to argue against someone elses choice. The goal here is to get everyone's opinion and have some fun. The mopre people that get involved in the discussion, the better it will be. Let's turn this into a fun debate.

More posts are coming soon. Write your own!