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Lets Take a Look at the Ballon D'Or Top 30
Im am not saying Modric did not deserve to win the Ballon D'or. He is the heartbeat of the Real Madrid midfield. He won the champions league and reached the semi final of the world cup. An outstanding feat so it is deserved. He has won many titles and the little Croatian has always been a great player. But a question for you. When was the last time a defender won the Ballon D'or? " Forwards win games but defenders win leagues" is a nice saying from the great Leeds midfielder John Giles. Raphael Varane must of been sitting there at the event wondering what more he must do. Champions league and the world cup in the bag this year but yet he came 7th. 7th?? That is just ridiculous. Mo Salah 6th? Are you joking? Mo Salah had one of the best seasons any player could have an lit up the premiership only to be taken down in the final of the champions league by Ramos. The world cup has certainly an impact with the Ballon D'or but an injured Salah did not play much of a role. We then move on to my favourite player of 2018. David Silva. Pepe is making something special at Manchester city at the moment. This team is proberly better than his Barcelona team and David Silva is the first person on the team sheet even before Kevin De Bruyne. But where is he? Pogba , Bale, Ben bloody zema had awful seasons for their clubs last year. Yes Bale scored a screamer in the champions league final but thats about it. Benzema couldn't score for love nor money and was only on the Madrid team because Ronaldo liked him. Pogba had an awful season but a good world cup. It says it all really. How Silva is not in the top 5 amazes me. Messi is 5th but he has raised the bar for himself. If he doesn't score 50 goals he is considered a failure. The best player in the world is apparently the 5th best player in the world. No wonder he didn't attend the event. Correct me if I am wrong but I didn't think Greizmann had that big of a season for Athletico either. The ranking is all over the place in my opinion. Yes Mbappe had a good world cup but his club season wasn't the best. The Ballon D'or is all politics now and you can see it. What do you think? Blanchy