Soccer / dele alli

We've got Ali, Dele Alli I don't think you understand.
He cost only 5 mil., he played final for nil we've got Dele Alli!I needed all day to calm down after watching Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool in Madrid. I knew Liverpool is big favorite who will probably win, but I did not know that some of Spurs players came in the most important game of their lives to play nothing on the pitch. I was not impressed with Liverpool's performance too, I think level of football was very low, far under usual champions league final. Liverpool showed one of worst performances in season, they were very mature for defeat, but on other side was even worse opponent. Champions League final giveaway started as early as in first minute when Moussa Sissoko made penalty for Liverpool by handball in the box. Spurs players did not move in midfield, walking without interest on the pitch, passing backward often from center to Lloris unable to do anything useful in attack entire first half. Pardon they made 2 shots targeting sky clouds. My man of the match Dele Alli could not make the simplest short pass to teammates! It was obvious that he is not in the game even at half time. However for some reason Poch let him in squad for second half and he showed unbelievable talent to spoil every indication for chance with his non league soccer moves, shots and passes. I was the most delighted when he tried to shot on goal and pass ball straight to Allison's hands. He did not need to dive for it just to jump a bit and say "Thanks man apple pear". I think I could eat my TV after that. Son showed that for him is to difficult to score from deep offside 1m from goal line. All "big players" with big prices values and they can not make 1 simple pass or score from 1m of goal line even from deep offside ?!Then they piffle about some "domination in the game", "enough of creation", "bad luck" after the game LoL. I still can not believe that they came to the most important game of their lives to play like that to walk on the pitch and to pass ball back because expensive gentlemen from midfield Eriksen, Dele Ali and Son could not get free from Liverpool players for pass. And as cream on cake came second goal when they let Origi to shot alone as ghost and to score second to make last few minutes not interesting. Well Origi is not Ali or Son he is scoring that. Tottenham player did not even bother to tackle to try to prevent shot, Trippier was of course away from his position etc... I don't think anyone of us will be alive next time when this club came to Champions League final which I think will be somewhere around 2078 year. There is no justification for going to final and walk and stand on the pitch. While Supporters need days to calm down after this I am sure they already forgot it and probably drown the "sadness" in some casino spending someone's 10 year wage for one night or making some wild party somewhere. Part of this defeat is on Poch too. He did not change Dele Alli with Lucas on time. I can't believe that non league soccer prick is playing for England national squad. There is an option for such in simulation buttons with labels fine him, list him, sell him (to QPR). Next time when he will play in final if he ever plays it again will be final of some playoff from some lower division.