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English Football League Aston Villa v Derby Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
The championship playoffs are truly on their way. With teams battling for the last slot in the promotion race, things are set to get a bit feisty. Two teams who are solidly in the running are Aston Villa and Derby. When both teams meet each other on Monday in Wembley Stadium, it is set to be a match to the death as a loss for either side would dent their chances for a place in the premier league or even end it in the process. Source Aston Villa There are several moments during a season where the team can feel this is a turning point from them. This is exactly how Aston Villa would feel about this match. Their sweat and hard work all comes down to this game. The truth is that both teams deserve to be here at this point but only one of them would be able to make it to the next round. The only thing standing in Aston Villa's way is Derby County. They would have a chance of surpassing this obstacle when they meet. They would surely pray that their key players are o red hot form when the chips are down. Derby County Derby County would be thrilled with what they have done for themselves in recent times. From what was a struggle to meet the playoffs, they now find themselves in the latter part of the campaign. Despite the fact that they would want to make it to the next stage, they can be happy with their achievements this season. Going further would be tremendous and would be a fairy tale ending for this team. To meet that fairy tale ending, they would need to get past Aston Villa who would also be desperate to get to the top tier once again. Source Form Another thing which often illustrates the likelihood of a team winning would be their recent streak or form. Aston has managed to get three wins under their belt in the last six games that they have played. The other games which they have played resulted in two losses and a draw. Their recent form is something which can serve as a foundation for even more success. However, to take advantage of this, Aston Villa would have to be prepared mentally got the task at hand and how they can come out victorious at the end of the final whistle. Derby County would also be looking forward to this game with great interest and fascination. For them, they would be aware that they have managed to win four games out of the last six matches that have been played. Then remaining matches have ended in a draw and one loss. They would need to keep up the pace heading into the final laps of their journey. This is what would be key to defeating their opponents in this must-win match. Source Playing in the Skybet playoffs is no mean feat and both teams can be happy with themselves for getting this far. All that remains is the final lap. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!