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Epic match: Juventus vs Inter & NBA
Juventus vs Inter Juventus - Inter 1:0 Mandzukic A legendary match that yesterday was repeated in Turin at the Allianz Stadium that Juventus won for 1-0. Between the two there has always been a rivalry since the dawn of football, two teams that have made Italian football famous all over the world. They are the teams with the highest number of fans and the most titled in the Italian football scene, as well as being the game played most times in the official competitions. In reality it is not a real derby, which usually see involved teams from the same region, the special Italian derby term was cognized by Gianni Brera in the late '60s, this rivalry goes beyond sport, it also derives from the political and economic, being together with the city of Genoa the two most important cities of the industrial triangle of Northern Italy, as well as being the two largest cities of the North-West in terms of people that lives there. One minute silence for Luigi Radice before the match (former player of Milan and coach of Milan, Fiorentina, Torino, Inter, Roma & many more) A real classic that has played for a long time and that after the episode Iuliano-Ronaldo of twenty years ago has made their antagonism even more intense than it was already, that famous foul-not foul is still discuss today, clear the positions taken by sportsmen, managers and supporters, on the one hand who claims to be a foul and that Juventus, who went to win that game and later won the Scudetto, was helped by the referee Piero Ceccarini, which declared few days ago that he would not have given those penalty even with the VAR. On the other hand, those who naturally support the contrary, that this was absolutely not a penalty kick, whoever is right will never find it out, now decades have passed and a lot of time has passed. From left to right: Didier Deschamps, Iuliano and Ronaldo I was there in first person at the Stadio delle Alpi on April 26, 1998, I was in the corners of the north curve at the third ring, at the time I was a kid, 17 years, I honestly still have doubts today about that decision, unfortunately for me the distance between the field and the stands was sidereal and I did not see the contrast very well, so far I did not say much weight to that episode, also because I always agreed with the historic coach Vujadin Boškov and his legendary sentence: Penalty is when referee whistles. I've never been a "fan" of replay on TV shows and consequent discussions, it is not up to me to judge the work of the referee and if I was on him I do not know what decision I would have taken in this regard. I remember that with me at the stadium my brother was present, at the time Nerazzurri fan, it was his first and only match seen at the stadium, he was disappointed to have only seen one goal (signed by Del Piero after a penalty missed after the restart game from the incriminate episode) he never come back at the stadium and from a long time he don't follow anymore football. An old Inter supporters choreography at San Siro Stadium The rivalry between the two was strengthened even after Calciopoli, where Juventus is relegated to Serie B for the first time in the history of the championship and has been seen to remove two scudetto from sports justice, one of the two titles, that of 2005/06, was assigned to Inter, which arrived third in the league behind Juventus and Milan, which were both penalized for illegal sport. The Juventus fans have nicknamed the "cardboard" scudetto and players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, have declared they have won it on the field, while others like Gianluca Zambrotta felt betrayed by the society that would have give pressure to the referees of the federation in order to win. A very complex story, which like the previous one has not yet found a point of agreement between the two societies and supporters who have never taken a step back on their opinions about it. Yesterday choreography at Allianz Stadium from Juventus supporters But now it's time to return to the present day, yesterday's game it had to be a Cristiano Ronaldo show and that of the usual "black beast" for the Bianconeri who plays in the Nerazzurri ranks, Mauro Icardi which in his career has already punished the old lady for 8 times with a lot of two assists created for their companions between Sampdoria and Inter, even if his favorite victim is Fiorentina. CR7 instead has faced Inter only three times with that of yesterday, and managed to score only once. However was Mario Mandzukic to score the only one gol of the match. An enjoyable match with many occasions from both sides. Yesterday night David Trezeguet, Juventus Ambassador was at Barclays Center of Brooklyn for the Juventus Night, a special marketing event before and after the NBA match Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors, to make the Juventus brand more famous in the states, in that match Nets won 106-105 against all predictions. American fans could watch the football match before the scheduled game, the stadium was not full but the companies considered themselves satisfied. It is not the first time that European football tries to get closer to the USA to be better known, summer tours are more and more frequent and are becoming increasingly famous. Now enjoy yesterday highlights from the football match... ...and now the highlights of Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors! Before leaving you here is the TOP 10 of the best goals scored in the last ten years by both teams, some of these are really magical, like those signed by Claudio Marchisio and Maicon Douglas, during two different matches, class to sell for the two thanks to their tightrope walk, enjoy these beautiful goals, have fun for the evening and win the best! JOIN CRYPTO RESISTANCE - Logo by @mauryis Crypto Resistance is a Discord channel where people share ideas to improve the experience on Scorum, they also have a curation program. We are more than 150 members. This is the link if you want to join us: Join the Telegram contest & bets chat (by @barbadosso): Cheers to all of you guys from DEX - Sketch by @ran.koree

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