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My Street Soccer Dream Team
Two weeks ago @dexpartacus organized the competition for making our best 6A side street football team including 1 goalkeeper. A few months ago I also participated in his " Build your football dream team" contest. Hear again as a participant of his new contest I'm going to pick my dream street soccer team, hope everyone will like it. As we all know, almost every single professional starts their footballing career playing football in the streets with the barefoot. I also used to play football most of the times on the street during my childhood. We've seen so many talented players emerged from streets and became the professional footballer in the past. I believe that all the hidden talents are found on the streets, they just need the platform to expose their talents. Without any delay, let's head on to my street soccer dream team.Rane Higuita (Goalkeeper): Sticking with my football dream XI goalkeeper, I'm again selecting the Columbian mad man for my street soccer goalkeeper. His risk-taking behavior made him the craziest goal-keeper of all time. He performed the most dangerous skill "The Scorpion" in front of all supporters during the live match against England in 1995. If anyone thinks Neuer, Alison is the most risk-taking goalkeeper of all time, I suggest all of them watch the video footage of Higuita playing for his clubs and country. As a goalkeeper, he used to beat the 4-5 opponent players with his dribbling skills and create chances for the forward players. He scored 44 goals for his clubs and country and as a goalkeeper, it's the very impressive stat. His risk-taking behavior cost big to his team, because of his mistake against Cameroon during the 1990 world cup, Columbia was knocked out from the competition. Marcelo (Defender) He is one of the best left back in football history. He is known for his skill, pace, power, strength and the overlapping run during the counter-attacks. The natural left-back who also can play in a left-wing position. Following his Football idol "Roberto Carlos", he also joined Real Madrid and became Roberto Carlos's heir in both club and country. He is the perfect example of modern day football defender. Despite being a defender he helped his team by scoring a goal in very important matches. His control on the ball, passing and dribbling skills, explosive pace and the better understanding of the situation of the game has made him one of the greatest left back of all-time. Zinedine Zidane (Midfielder) Zidane is the legend of the French football team, he was known for his vision, skills and great strength. He used to destroy the opponent team single-handedly. A player with the capability to turn the face of the game at any moment. Despite picking a red card in the final match against Italy, he was chosen best player in the 2006 World Cup. His famous goal against Bayer Leverkusen on Champions League final is still considered as one of the best goals in Champions Lague history. As soon as he retired from his footballing career, he started to coach Real Madrid's youth team and Real Madrid B team, and after he was promoted to the senior team coach, Real Madrid won straight Champions League and 1 La Liga title under his management. He left Madrid earlier this season after having a feud with Madrid's sporting director Perez but after series of bad results, Madrid sacked two managers and appointed Zidane as a manager. In the past, the Frenchman had also seen playing in the different Futsal league. I don't need to describe more on what he is capable of, this highlight of the match against Brazil in 2006 World Cup shows how good he was as a player. Neymar (Left Midfielder) I don't think I need to explain more about why I choose Neymar in my Street Soccer dream team, I don't think at the current moment there is no player who is more skillful than him in football. This superstar is full of the surprise package of different skills. After being transferred to the PSG in world record fee, he has been suffering from different injuries. Hope he will recover soon and play on a pitch like he used to do at Barcelona. Here is the link for Neymar's insane skills Ronaldinho (Right Midfielder) It's sad that Ronaldinho's career didn't end in the same fashion as some of world top players. Despite rising on the very early stage of his playing his career, he couldn't give continuity to his best with different clubs. The Brazilian legend used to help his team win the match single-handedly, He had quick feet, different skills, explosive pace, great ball control and the great first touch on the ball. The Balloon d OR and World Cup winner was also great in taking set-pieces. He also played different futsal tournaments after retiring from professional football. Cristiano Ronaldo (Striker) Well I don't think I need to explain about Cristiano Ronaldo. I feel Ronaldo used to show his skill more while he used to play at Manchester United, so I choosed only this That's it, I don't think I can make my dream street soccer team better than this. Hope you all enjoyed this. Don't forget to participate on @dexpartacus "contest" . Right your thoughts on comment section about my team selection.

My Dream Team