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My Dream Team
Iker Casillas - Real Madrid Iker Casillas is perhaps the only goalkeeper in history who did not need to have a great physicist, train in the gym and dominate the heavens to be considered the best goalkeeper in the world. With the most impressive reflections of this era and a total mastery under sticks, Casillas became the best goalkeeper of his generation and perhaps the best goalkeeper in the history of world football. Few archers throughout history have been able to show the level that Casillas showed from 2004 to 2010, they were 7 impressive years of Spanish, with historical stops, impossible and unrepeatable that nobody else could do. Iker is the only archer in the history of this sport who can stop and shout to the world that if his team won 2 Spanish Leagues in a row (06-07 and 07-08) they were thanks to their stops from another world. And what about the World Cup in South Africa 2010? There he signed the most spectacular performance of an goalkeeper in a World Cup held in the millennium. For all this and more, Casillas is the goalkeeper of my team. Carles Puyol - FC Barcelona It was not too high but it flew through the skies, ran like nobody, always well cast, took everything out, covered any hole that could mean danger to your team (no matter what you had to put your physical risk) and transformed into a powerful Goal option when visiting the rival area in each corner. That was "Tarzan" Puyol, the best central defender of his generation and one of the best in history. A born and undisputed leader, a man of good a letter, champion of everything, the perfect description of what a central defender and a captain in a football team should be. Paolo Maldini - AC Milan How little I enjoyed you, Maldini! But that little I could see of you left me in awe and yes, it was only 4 years but how beautiful those 4 years were. I met you playing central so I put you next to Puyol because he deserves to have someone as wonderful as him by his side, that's why I chose you. Is there a better dumbbell for Carles? I do not think so. Maldini was a great defense, as the wine the more time passed the better, I saw little, but enjoy it as anyone.Phillip Lahm - Bayern Münich I had a tremendous dilemma in this position and I had to analyze many things, I did it with patience and in the end I think I made the best decision of all, although it was not easy. In the beginning I was about to place Dani Alves for that explosive combination he had with Messi in Guardiola's Barcelona. They were 3 seasons at great level, combining as few have done with the Argentine. But then I remembered that Jordi Alba has also achieved a similar partnership with Leo and I assume that if you are good, making a wall with Messi should be one of the easiest things in the world. So I decided to find the most complete and regular player I've seen in this position, analyze as I mentioned before to Dani Alves and others like Cafu, Maicon, Ivanovic and even Carvajal and another who is still too young but in about 5 years will be who occupies this position in my 11: Joshua Kimmich. After analyzing technique, influence on the game, etc. I decided that Philipp Lahm is the most complete right back I've seen, although more than a side player he was a total player, one of the best of his generation and of history. Guardiola defined in a phrase what Lahm meant for modern football: "Football will miss a player who can play in ten positions, someone who understands the game very well". Marcelo - Real Madrid Let's see, what can be said about the best left-back of his generation? I can only say: "Hey, sir, you are not only the best left-handed generation player, no, you are also the best left-back player in the history of world football". Some will say no, that is Roberto Carlos because he defended a little better and I will have to give a half-sided smile and say: "For defending a better middle step, is it better than Marcelo?" I do not think so Roberto Carlos was very good but Marcelo individually has been much better. Its easy keep the defensive mistakes of Marcelo, I keep his technical stage, with his sublime punch left or right, with those centers esquisitos that gets both high and low and not to mention how he combines with his teammates when He goes to the attack, it's rude, it did not matter if he did it with Cristiano, Benzema, Bale, Kroos, Modric or whoever it is, Marcelo playing football is just wonderful. Xabi Alonso - Real Madrid How to perfectly handle the times of a team, while destroying the opponent's ideas? The answer is Xabi Alonso. Changes in front of the chest of his teammates, quick passes, transitions at a hundred miles per hour and knowing how to accompany the defenders to neutralize the opponent's attacks. If Xabi Alonso was fine, everything was going to go smoothly. It is one of my favorite players of all time and in my teamI could not miss. Andrés Iniesta - FC Barcelona Gasparin is a unique and unrepeatable player. It is one of those players that you know can adapt to any tactical drawing regardless of the circumstances; it does not matter if it's football with possession of a ball or counterattack. Gasparin was always ready to break any defensive wall with his devilish passes. Goals, big goals, assists, plays for history, Iniesta did everything he wanted in football at the highest level. He and the ball were the best friends, watching him play was and still is a delight for all football lovers. The best Spanish player in history. Steven Gerrard - Liverpool Steven was during much of his career as a top 10 player in the world, he had everything and do it everything in a football field: born leader of Liverpool, possessor of an impressive punch, of the best game creators, great assistants, good header, an expert on set pieces, a good ball recoverer ... What else can I say about this magnificent player? I could not leave it out. Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona Lionel Andrés Messi is undoubtedly the best player that my eyes have been able to see, I never thought it would be what it is today, I saw it as a Giuly improved in every way but I never imagined that it would be able to reinvent itself so many times. That its mountains had no limits, each year added something new to its impressive repertoire that made it increasingly unattainable for its rivals. Much of what is now Messi has been possible because he had to match the best coach in history, Pep Guardiola, the best thing that could happen to Messi was to meet the great Pep, who turned it into that fake 9 that in the end he would destroy any record that dared him on the way. There are no words to define it, we can only enjoy his football whenever possible because such a player will never see him again in life. Ronaldinho - FC Barcelona I always say that Ronaldinho was a shooting star, there is no doubt, he was. But it was the most beautiful shooting star that football could have given. Ronaldinho returned the joy to this sport. Every time he played he reminded us that this sport is to enjoy it and be happy. Always planted his big smile regardless of the landscape, is and will always be one of the best players of his generation. Only those of us who could enjoy its magic value everything that it was able to do in such a short time, I definitely could not leave it out of my team. Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid To assess the magnificent career that Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro has had, you must first remove any stigma or aversion that you may have towards his way of being. Once this is done it will be very easy to assess everything you have done there where you are going. The best scorer of his generation, one of the greatest footballers in history and the master of unmarking in the area. Cristiano Ronaldo is a living legend who lives in constant pulse with those who hate him and see him play. For me it is much easier to sit and enjoy this super scorer and super champion but the vast majority are difficult. I am left with everything he has done inside the pitch, I enjoy watching him drilling the nets of all the forms and for having, the art of unmarking and speed. Cristiano Ronaldo is a super crack and whoever thinks otherwise knows nothing about football. In my Eleven will always be because after Messi has been the best player of this era without a doubt. Coach: Pep Guardiola A wonderful coach, creator of the best team in history. And without directing them, he assembled in his image and likeness two world cup champions national teams(Spain 2010, Germany 2014). Bench: Goalkeeper: Victor Valdés Center backs: Pepe, Chiellini Side Backs: Dani Alves, Roberto Carlos Midfielders: Modric, Pirlo Forwards: Henry, Eto'o