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Germany's soccer community was shocked by the 0-3 defeat against Netherlands
Germany's soccer community was shocked by the 0-3 defeat against Netherlands. The German media Kicker conducted an emergency survey and 92.4 percent said Joachim Löw should resign. Germany, led by Coach Joachim Löw, played the first round of the UEFA Group 3 against the Netherlands. The defeat suggests much to Germany. Germany was on the verge of being demoted to the Nation's League Group B with one tie and one loss, and the mood that had been revamped to a 0-0 draw in the French match has cooled down again. In particular, Germany took time to analyze after the elimination of the group league at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and decided to re-appoint manager Joachim Löw Also, Roeb was guaranteed the contract by 2022. However, due to the defeat on the day, there is growing public opinion that Joachim Löw will step down. The German Kicker conducted an emergency survey on its website after the match with the Netherlands. When asked, "Should I give the coach another chance?" 92.4 percent of the respondents voted No. Coach Joachim Löw reacted angrily to the demand for his resignation. When asked about his future course of action after the Dutch match, Roeb responded, "Did I understand the question correctly?" to the co-host. "Not now," Roeb said. Germany, which is in crisis, will move to Paris on the 17th and play away games in the third round of the France-Nations League. Attention is focusing on whether Germany, which is mired in a slump, will be able to reform its atmosphere against France, the World Cup Defending Champion.