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Eden Hazard Vs Real Madrid.
It was a moment in Santiago Bernabeu as fans welcome Eden Hazard as one of them. With a total of 50,000 fans in attendance to welcome him, he got higher tally over four games at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu last season. They include Games against Getafe (48,364 fans), Huesca (49,293), Villarreal (46,294) and Real Betis (49,879) which all saw lower attendances than Hazard's first appearance at the stadium. This was as a result of a disappointing performance from the Los Blancos last season. The new signing got a whooping contract which shows for: 💶 YEARLY £19,200,000 💶 MONTH £1,733,333 💶 WEEK £400,000 💶 DAY £57,142 💶 HOUR £2,380 💶 MINUTE £39 💶 SECOND £0.66p Awesome right? However, Issues have been boiling up since Real Madrid unveiled the Belgian skipper as their new and latest signing. The former Chelsea number 10 has been going through questions and answers in a bid to cement a concrete relationship with the club and its supporters. The Chelsea player who left for the Spanish giants took few fans along with him as some fans of the London club are quite confused of who to support right now. They now try to show division by supporting Chelsea as an English team and Madrid as a Spanish team. Such arising controversies in context includes Modric refusing to allow the number 10 jersey out, taking penalties and the fans chanting they want Kylian Mbappe at Hazard's presentation. The Europa cup winner showed no concern to all of this affecting him as he is concentrate and happy to play for the club he has always dreamt of since childhood and playing under the instruction of his Idol Zinadine Zidane. source Should the Balon d'Or winner consider giving the new signing his number 10 jersey? Modric is a great player with offers to give the club and he plays a great role down the midfield for the club which makes him a talisman for the team but few may consider the fact that the number 10 jersey would make Eden Hazard happy and burdens him more with the responsibilities of the club. For the past year, since Cristiano Ronaldo left for Juventus, the team has found it quite difficult to have a matching replacement for the Portuguese skipper but hazard is here to do the job. The team and it fans are high expectant of what they can achieve with their signings this season with Hazard leading the line. Eden has quite a history wearing the number 10 jersey. With this pure lining, will Modric consider? Though he is still open to various options, i will love IG if he takes the 17 shirt. I love to see him in that shirt right from his first days at Chelsea. Taking penalties was another issue raised as the Belgian considered that not to be a problem too. He stated that if Ramos feels like allowing him play, then he will but that's not the matter at hand. He only wants to play good for the club and fans, winning matches and trophies for them in admiration. Thanks For Reading...