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Real Madrid in disaster- My Opinion for 3-0 lost to Eibar
Now it's Solari's turn. If you make mistake in selection then you will get punished. Lost against Eibar by 3-0? It's a humiliating defeat, unbelievable and unrealistic, frustrating and disaster but being a Madrid fan I agree it was a deserved loss. Same old mistake and the same old result. Losing to those team we never lost is really painful. sad faces This is really frustrating. It is as if Real Madrid have lost their identity. There was a time when scoring was no issue for Madrid. They had a style of playing and every player was capable of scoring goals, they had an attacking attitude. They scored 3-4 goals easily even with just 30% possession. Counterattack is what made me love Real Madrid but now, it is as if they just want to pass the ball around, like they only want to keep position but when it comes to attacking they were weak, it's frustrating. They seem so desperate. I said before to Isco is not a player for counter-attack even if he comes in the 85th minute. I said Asensio is a 2nd half player and he is more of the left midfielder, not a goddamn winger but he started the game again. When Ronaldo left, I thought Bale will step up and inspire the team like Ronaldo did but Bale has no desire to win as Ronaldo had. And when the forwards are shit. When they can't step up and lead the team when they make only mistakes and misuse the chances then what the hell defenders will defend? Courtois is not the one to be blamed. He is not in his 100% but what you expect from goalkeepers when the whole team playing shit and making mistakes? no tackles, no interceptions and you think Navas could stop that? No, a big no. I am surprised why Solari didn't put Vinicius in starting. We need a player who can put spark at the front line and ignite the strength. I feel Benzema at least tried hard, a lot of those passes were ridiculous. Bale was a disaster along with Modric, Asensio. Real Madrid needs to buy players like Mbappe and Hazard, I am damn sure Benzema will link perfectly with these two up front like he used to link up perfectly with Ronaldo.