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Review of Hazard status in Chelsea and Emery performances till now
Hazard is one of the best players in Chelsea's history, if not the best. Honestly, I’d say he’s their best natural gifted player ever next to Zola. He is among the legendary status with the likes of Lamps, Drogba, Terry & Cech. He is on a path to be a club legend. Regardless of whether He stays or leaves, Eden Hazard is undoubtedly a Chelsea Legend. As big as a blue lion in Chelsea logo. Fans should thank Hazard for all his help and sacrifice for Chelsea. Image source When they lost their legends one after the other it was Hazard who eventually became the backbone of Chelsea squad. He has been excellent for them. Goals, assists, chances created, defense piercing solo runs and so on he has been on a different level for them. He wins almost all the Man of the match awards for them. So he is a legend. Fans should respect his decision whatever it is. He has served Chelsea exceptionally well. He's made the difference in so many games and to be honest, he could've left many years ago. Where would they be right now if it wasn’t for hazard, he’s a legend and in the top 5-6 players of all time. Talking about Emery, no manager in the world could do better considering the state they are in. I’m behind the team obviously but emery is going to cost us games if he keeps getting his tactics wrong in games especially against opposition outside the top 6. That could ultimately cost us a place in the top 4. Even in the 22 games unbeaten run, there were still games we could have lost if luck wasn’t on our side. We could be better if emery got it right at the beginning of games. My biggest issue is why is he giving Ozil no play. So many fan are saying Emery out, but it's just one season and they claim Emery out, he is not a magician that he will make things work to your expectations every weekend. Image source Wenger was at the club for over 20yrs he failed to bring up what you expected as a fan and want Emery to make it in just a season and a weekend, give him time, let him build his nation and later we will judge him accordingly. Because even the next we want after Emery might fail so how many will we bring? We have a squad with no width. We don’t have a competent CB partnership. Our midfield is atrocious (if not for the overachieving nature of Torreira and Guendouzi’s performances we’d be in an awful state. Also, our squad is incredibly overpaid. Blame needs to be assigned to the past regime and it’s not entirely Wenger’s fault. Gazidis has to swallow a lot of the blame but I think my blame is well directed and quite frankly.