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Why Emery Might Be In Champions League Next Season
image Aside who wins the league in the English premier league every season, the fight for the top four finish to book a place in the money watery UEFA Champions League make is more interesting more than any league in the world aside its unpredictability. The game of football is business and club try as much as possible to gets much money to their bank in every league season by trying to fight for trophies or to participate in competitions due to the match bonus that these club gets at every stage of the competition. This is the reason the big clubs remains at the top by fortifying their team to withstand many tournaments. The UEFA Champions League is the biggest tournament in the football World both in finance and sponsorship aside the FIFA World Cup. The tournament is meant for club who are very formidable in their various leagues and also all players wants to have a taste of it. Not participating in the competition by any lose or exiting at any stage is a lost financial opportunity for the clubs and so all big clubs in Europe wants to take part. For example, Manchester United failure to feature in the competition will cost them certain percentage of their sponsorship deal with the brands which bring little income for more investment. The race for the top four is winding down with three teams already booking their place mathematically. Liverpool and Manchester City are fighting for who will lift the EPL in this weekend if Manchester city fail to win with Tottenham needing just a draw to progress, while Chelsea are already in for next champions league following Arsenal and Manchester United failure to win their last games respectively. The race now shifts between Tottenham and Arsenal who are currently on 4th and 5th place with 70 and 67 points respectively. Tottenham will gain qualification if they can muster a draw or a slip can give Arsenal and advantage but can they win with more than 7 goals to overturn Tottenham goal difference. image With both teams in the UEFA Europa league, chances are that Arsenal teams can partake in the tournament if they lift the cup gains an automatic qualification to the UEFA Champions League come May 29th. That means Arsenal having missed out for the top four race has yet another opportunity to do so in the Final of the Europa League Finals. As interesting this might seems, all football supporters are waiting to see how the season will finish with a lot of enthusiasm.