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Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, Just What England Football Needed
Even kids know these days that nothing lasts forever. To everything there is a time and season and all you just have to do is enjoy the glorious and happy moments while it lasts. This was the case of specifically Liverpool and Manchester United the days they ruled England and Europe. The former is the most successful outside of England amongst the two teams while the latter is a bit more successful back home, all thanks to Sir Fergie. Down memory lane which would be a trace back to more than a decade, the last time two England teams met in an European final which was in the 2008/2009 season, featuring Chelsea and Manchester United. The same Manchester United would go on to feature in two more finals in the space of three years, finals they lost to a then Spanish spanking team in FC Barcelona then under the canopy and tutelage of Pep Guardiola. Manchester United’s coach, Sir Alex Ferguson would retire from coaching duties and his team lost sail in the wind. Chelsea FC would once again return to the Champions League final stage in 2012/2013 season to face Bayern Munich and that was the last time an English team made it to the final of the Uefa Champions League until two ambitious teams in Liverpool and Manchester City recruited just the exact men England Football needed in Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. Both coaches are renowned for their impressive attacking tactics which has been very much lacking in the premier league thereby making the league boring in terms of football joy and each year, sending uncompetitive teams with little or no ambition to the Uefa Champions League, a competition for MEN. It took Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool not quite long to get their ship sailing in the right direction once again and before we could say jack, they are playing in the European final against the most successful club in club football history, Real Madrid. Although Klopp lost the final, he saddled his boat confidently the next season and overcame every obstacle including sailing through a terrific storm to get to another consecutive final and this time, against a fellow English team. SUPER KLOPP’S LIVER isn’t? Let’s take a look at the other great and popular tactician who brought the joy of watching football back to England before his aforementioned serious competitor arrived. Pep Guardiola after experiencing huge success with Barcelona, he jumped ship to German giants Bayern Munich. He also experienced domestic success down there in Germany but couldn’t replicate the same treble winning successes which includes winning the special Uefa Champions League with Bayern as he did at Barcelona. Guardiola would later be called to the hot and expensive seat of Manchester city, with hopes he would liberate them from the European jinx. The Spaniard coach has done all he could and is still doing but there appears to be a huge invisible block waging him and his team from getting as close to the final of the Uefa Champions League. However, the Spaniard is beginning to call the English Premier League his own as he has become the only coach for the first time in recent times to defend the English Premier League crown. With the right squad, right coach and right reinforcements, Klopp and Guardiola are beginning to make England a force to reckon with outside the EPL and both coaches are currently battling it out as to who will be the undisputable force in England and Guardiola seems to be winning that battle, at least for now. THANKS FOR READING..

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