Soccer / english premier league

The Champion of Hearts
Since Sunday the championship in England's Premier League has been decided. The Manchester City team (the Citizens) under coach Pep Guardiola has successfully defended the 2018 title with a 1-4 away win in Brighton. City have won an impressive 32 wins and 2 draws this season, 98 points. The Final of the season in the English league could hardly have been more exciting, because FC Liverpool (the Reds) also had the chance to win the title until the end. The Reds, however, were only one point behind, and were forced to settle for second place. After another outstanding season for the Reds with 30 wins and 7 draws in ONLY one defeat and 97 points, it is extremely bitter for the Merseyside club to have narrowly missed the long-awaited goal again. The fans and the club have been waiting for the 19th title for a very long time, since 1990. Many thought that it could work out this season and the men around Jürgen Klopp have hardly anything to reproach themselves for. City simply showed as good as no weaknesses. For all Reds fans and all impartial football enthusiasts, FC Liverpool is the champion of hearts. Many would have granted it to the charismatic Jürgen Klopp and his boys, also because it is so long ago that the English champion came from Liverpool. The club on the Mersey River has a huge fan base worldwide, no matter on which continent and in which country. The Reds are one of the most traditional clubs in the world, with many successes in the past, but they have lost some of their place at the top of the league over the last two decades. It is only since Jürgen Klopp that the success curve has been steadily on the rise again. Club and team have developed enormously since then and the connection to the world leaders has been restored. Only with the title in their own league it has not yet worked out. However, Jürgen Klopp still has the chance to gold the season with a victory in the CL final against Tottenham. Most supporters of the LFC would however if they could exchange the CL title for the championship. "The Boss", as the fans in Liverpool affectionately call their team manager Jürgen Klopp, has managed to make it to the CL Final for the second time in a row with a semi-final return match in Anfield that is for eternity and thus for the history books. Last year, Real Madrid lost the Final unluckily. This time, however, if the boss is to be successful - especially for Jürgen Klopp himself, who finally wants to win a "Great International Title" as coach. I wish the LFC and the club from the north of England that they will be able to win the CL title. Bye Tomtheone