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Draws the elimination of Euro 2020 - Poland group G
Hello. We know the rivals of European countries. Poland were placed in group G. Poland's rivals will be Austria, Israel, Slovenia, Macedonia and Latvia. The Poles came to the group in which six teams will play. Poland and footballers can be satisfied with the draw. Recent results and performances of the representation did not delight, on the contrary, they created anxiety. In my opinion, Poland and Austria are favorites in group G. A bit about groups and who has good chance of going out: Group A - England has an easy group, Group B - Portugal should calmly get out of 1-2, Group C - Germany and Netherlands go out, Group D - Switzerland has a good chance, Group E - Croatia should leave, Group F - Spain without much difficulty, Group H - France and Turkey, Group I - Belgium and Russia, Group J - Italy with a high probability. Some information about competition : Two best teams from each group will be promoted to the championship. The remaining four places at the championships are awarded to the winners of the playoffs. 24 teams will play at the tournament, and for the first time direct host promotion is not available to host countries, they must fight in qualifying on the same basis as the others. The European Championships 2020 will be played for the first time in as many as 12 countries. Host cities will be Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bucharest (Romania), Dublin (Ireland), Bilbao (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Glasgow (Scotland), Munich (Germany), Baku (Azerbaijan), Sankt St. Petersburg (Russia), Rome (Italy) and London (England). The tournament will be played from June 12 to July 12. The final will take place at Wembley in London. Even more information :

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