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English Club Doing Well in European Competitions
When it comes to European competitions this season, English clubs are performing beyond expectations and that is another point to prove that the English league is very competitive. In fact, this season seems to be the most difficult season I have ever experienced as far as English Premier league is concern and this is not farfetched from the way the league log table stand, clubs representing the league in UEFA Champions league and UEFA Europa league are doing the country proud. The league this season has produced 4 semifinalist, two in the champions league and two in Europa league and this will be the first time after 35 years (1983/1984) when the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United and Nottingham Forest were all semifinalist across Europe. UEFA Champions League Source Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are now in the Champions league semi final and will be facing Barcelona and Ajax, we never can tell , we may witness another English final in the champions league just like we have it in 2012 when Manchester United defeated Chelsea to lift the trophy if Liverpool defeat Barcelona and Tottenham defeat Ajax. Although is not going to come that easy for the English clubs ( Liverpool and Tottenham) considering how Ajax get to semi final after knocking clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus out of the competition. Liverpool will also face another big test to Barcelona and this is the club that defeated Manchester United in the quarter final. Four clubs represented the league in this year edition and all the four clubs made it to the quarter final stage before Manchester United lost to Barcelona and Manchester City lost to Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham qualified from one of the hardest group in the competition along side Barcelona and both teams are still in the league. UEFA Europa League Source This is another major league in Europe and seems to be more competitive that UEFA champions league according to many due to the number of clubs participating there but the UEFA champions league still remain every teams target season in season out. Chelsea and Arsenal who are battling for the top 4 spot in the league are representing well here. Both clubs are now in the semi final after Arsenal defeated Napoli and Chelsea defeated Slavia Praha to booked the place in the semi final, Chelsea will now be facing Eintracht Frankfurt while Arsenal will be facing Valencia. Thre may also be another English team final here if gunners and the blues get it right against their opponents. ================================================================================================================================================ UEFA Champions League Semi-final Fixtures First Leg 30/4/2019 Tottenham vs Ajax 1/5/2019 Barcelona vs Liverpool Second Leg 7/5/2019 Liverpool vs Barcelona 8/5/2019 Ajax vs Tottenham UEFA Europa League Semi-final Fixtures First Leg 2/5/2019 Arsenal v Valencia Eintracht Frankfurt v Chelsea Second Leg 9/5/2019 Valencia v Arsenal Chelsea v Eintracht Frankfurt ================================================================================================================================================ I won't be surprise if at the end of everything, an English club win the champions league and the Europa league because they have prove to everyone this season why the league remains the most competitive league in the world so far with their respective performances. I hope you find this post interesting and educating, until then, I remain my humble self @Oxygen02. Thanks For Reading👍