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Thank you for everything Cesc! An emotional farewell at the end for him
He’s only been in Chelsea for three and a half years but he is already a legend for Chelsea. Will never forget the 14-15 season, what a player. Thank you, Cesc for all the memory you created in Premier League. One of the best passers in the PL even today. Sarri didn't use him properly, or else he wouldn't be leaving them. Easily, the best midfielder they have after Kante. Kovacic and Barkley are good, but Fabregas would do a far superior job in that position, especially against the teams that park the bus. What a character. We love you Cesc. Image source You will always be loved by fans from all around the world. Good luck, Cesc. Hope you have a fascinating time ahead at Monaco. Thank you, Cesc for being more than a Chelsea star. You are a legend and will go down as one of Chelsea's greatest midfielders to ever step foot at Stamford Bridge. You are appreciated. Magic Fabregas. We love you and thank you for everything you have contributed to football fans. We will miss your superb long passes. You are an absolute magic man. You have made name for yourself in Chelsea and Premier League. You have won 2X premier league titles, 1x league cup, and 1X FA Cup! ever since I saw you, I have been a fan of your style. You are an amazing player and I really hope you enjoy your time with your old pal and I hope to keep watching you every year until you retire. Image source Feel sorry for him though. He's been a good servant to the club and he hasn't disappointed either. It's so sad when we say goodbye to the good players who gave us a lot of joy in the last years he is a great player with a great manner wishes him all the best. What a legend and what a player he has been to watch and what he has done for the football we will never forget you. It's sad. Yes, it's emotional. But This is a step in the right direction. Aging is part and parcel of the game. His vision and passing is still great. Also Cahill. He might be the next to leave Chelsea. But both have been true blues. Loyal servants to the club. Great footballers. Gave Chelsea so many great moments and memories. They are part of Chelsea history.

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