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What if we copy baseball? The Players Weekend
The Players Weekend Writing my article yesterday, one of the funniest celebrations in all Major League Baseball came to mind, as is the Players Weekend. This is an initiative created by the MLB in conjunction with the Players Association in which during a weekend a year all players wear their nickname on their shirt, instead of their surname. This colorful event had its beginning last year is a way to attract a younger audience (in addition to being a marketing home run). In addition to the nicknames chosen by each player, they can write on one of the sleeves the name of some special person in their lives. And last but not least, the shirts worn by each of the 30 MLB teams are inspired by the children's leagues of each of the organizations. And this is how for 3 days a year the MLB becomes an authentic celebration of color and fun. And what could we expect if we left everything under the control of the players. For three days a year Miguel Cabrera becomes "Miggy", Albert Pujos becomes "The Machine" and Carlos Correa becomes "I am Groot". During this celebration there are no limits to nicknames. We go from the simple "G" by Giancarlo Stanton, to the creativity of Ender Inciarte with his "Game Ender", reaching the hilarious "Kiiiiid" by Mike Trout (yes, with 5 "i"). From every point of view, the "Players Weekend" is a real success that gives the MLB a bright and fresh air. And the reality is that television and equipment stores do not complain about any of this. Seeing the success that has meant that I wonder could not football copy this baseball? I would love during a weekend to see that color and creativity inside a football stadium. Obviously football represents a macro universe compared to MLB, but it would not be a bad idea if a team or even a whole league could implement this idea (Premier Leagu, this is with you). Footballers are very inventive and if we let their creativity fly, they can give us a showy moment; full of memories, curiosities and anecdotes. Here I show you a small glimpse of what the "Players Weekend" would be like when applied to football. Lionel Messi - "La pulga". Cristiano Ronaldo - "El Bicho". Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - "Spiderman". Harry Kane - HurriKane. Kylian Mbappé - "Donatello". Thomas Müller - Raumdeuter. Gonzalo Higuaín - "Pipita". Marco Reus - "Woody". Isco - "Magia". Antoine Griezmann - "El principito". David Silva - "Merlin". Mohamed Salah - "Faraon". And that's just a small look. It's not bad for a weekend to be a joke. Here is my proposal and I hope that FIFA will listen to it and give power to the players.