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Celebration Galore, As Super Falcons Fly Past The Group Stage After 20 Years
The group stage matches at the ongoing FIFA Women's World Cup in France has come to an end, and as usual, some teams have advanced to the next round which happens to be a knockout round(round of 16 to be specific). While teams like France may not see any big deal in advancing to the next round of the competition, their group stage colleague Nigeria are not leaving any stone unturned in their celebration for making the knockout rounds. Source The Super Falcons started their 2019 Women's World Cup journey on a very shaky ground, after they were beaten 3-0 by Norway in their opening game. It was a sad start to a tournament that Nigerians and Africans were expecting the Super Falcons to flap their wings with pride and fly against the tides. For years they have dominated African women football atmosphere, and it was about time they extended their flight to the world. Life doesn't always grant us our wishes, and for the Falcons, they knew they needed to double their efforts across the borders or get their wings clipped. Expectations were high and Nigerians were eager to drum support for them. However, after their first game against Norway, not so many saw the Nigerian Ladies crossing their two decades threshold at the World cup. I was personally sad, especially considering how poor our Under-20 guys performed in Poland. The Ladies were full of motivation ahead of the World Cup and I felt they will obviate the disappointment the guys caused Us. However, after the 3-0 defeat to Norway, our hopes became blur and the tunnel appeared like it had no end. Well, the team pumped their hopes after winning Korea Republic 2-0 in their second group game. But what was the need foe the fleeting ecstasy when France were awaiting us to unleash their leftover venom on Nigeria. The French team were obviously the favorites and they had the support of the crown to add flesh to their confidence against the Super Falcons. And as VAR may have it, Nigeria controversially lost 1-0 to the host. A defeat that wasn't convincing even to the French fans. The Super Falcons gave their best against the hosts in their last group match, but it wasn't enough to grant them an automatic second place Visa to the knockout stage, especially with Norway having defeated Korea to finish with second with 6 points. It was gloomy spectacle as the African champions and the entire Country were left to bank on Providence (i.e. qualify as one of the best losers). I personally concluded that it was over, but just as we always say in this game, "it's not over until it's over." The Falcons had to wait till after Thursday's game between Chile and Thailand to conclude on their fate. It was a very thin strand of hope, but they held on and perhaps went into intense prayers. You ever witnessed another country praying for your country with so much passion? Well, that was what Thailand Women football team enjoyed during their game with Chile. The Falcons haven't progressed to the knockout stage of the FIFA Women's World Cup since 1999, that's like 20 years or thereabout. Isn't that crazy for a team that have dominated their continental competitions for many years now. The prayer was not for Thailand to win, it was for them not to beaten with more than two goals, with that, Nigeria was gonna qualify to the next round. With teams like China, Brazil(Yes! Brazil) and Cameroon already qualified as best third place teams, only one slot was left and that's the space the Falcons were hoping for. With the First half ending goalless, hopes became higher and the African champions knew they were already one foot into the knockout stage. However, tension heightened when Chile were leading 2-0, but Thailand held on for Nigeria and it ended that with that scoreline. With that, the Falcons are true to next round and will be playing Germany on June 22. Nigerians all over the World have been pouring appreciations to Thailand, and If You're from Thailand here on Scorum, trust me, you're Loved. Thank you reading and stay awesome!