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2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Rankings
The second round of this year’s Women’s World Cup is complete. If you’ve been following the games, you’d know by now that the hosts France, together with the United States, Germany, Sweden, England, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands are the teams to beat for winning their first rounds. Now that the games have progressed, here’s what the rankings look like so far.USA The reigning champs made an early mark in the game with that 13-0 win against Thailand in the opening round, and still there are no holds barred in the second round with Alex Morgan shaping up to be the best FIFA women’s player.France The host country remains to be a powerful contender to the cup as it succeeds to hold its spot. France is without a doubt the strongest team in the tournament next to the US, with a lot of expectations to live up to after their opening night performance.Germany There’s quite an unsettling feeling about Germany’s two consecutive 1-0 wins, but all the more reason to keep an eye on this powerhouse team as they still keep winning without conceding.Canada Having won a healthy 2-0 game against New Zealand, Canada has a manner of doing things swiftly. Still a team to beat with overall good performance and standing in the tournament.Netherlands Despite looking less than settled in defense, Netherlands is still strong with star player Vivianne Miedema going forward as the team’s best FIFA women’s player with double score against Cameroon, making her the all-time top scorer in her country.England England almost lost it to Argentina due to lack of a cutting edge in front of a goal, but there’s no denying the results were still considerable. Team still got their work cut out for them to become the tournament’s giants.Sweden Everyone expected the Swedes to easily take the game from Thailand after its 13-0 loss to the US, and while they did score just after a few minutes, that 5-1 win leaves much to be desired. These countries are definitely on watch after securing spots in the top ranks, with any of the members emerging as the best FIFA women’s player. As for the rest of the rankings, they are listed below: 8. Brazil 9. Japan 10. Italy 11. Australia 12. Norway 13. China 14. Spain 15. Nigeria 16. Argentina 17. Scotland 18. New Zealand 19. Cameroon 20. Chile 21. South Africa 22. South Korea 23. Jamaica 24. Thailand With the tournament in full action, expect the FIFA Women’s World Cup rankings to twist and turn with the succeeding games to come. Every pro sports bettor out there started as a beginner. And every poker or casino expert started as a neophyte. I haven’t reached the pinnacle of the betting world yet, but everyday I try to move closer to it. I created this blog so we can learn together and eventually be better, responsible bettors. Follow me for more tips and strategies on betting, casino gaming, and poker. I usually base my content on my betting experience at Nitrogen Sports. Their blog is also extremely helpful for updates. Check them out here: