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France are new World Champions, Brilliant Croatia Left Heartbroken
At Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, the world cup was all set between France and Croatia with 81,000 people watching live from stadium, and around 1 billion people watching around the globe. Thousands of people were awaiting match in Paris and Zagreb. The match started for the big prize of World Cup. This was also contest for the individual award, a golden ball between Mbappe and Modric. Croatia was pressing high early in the match, with better passing and better work rate. Then the refree awards a soft freekick from a dangerous position, which Griezmann takes. It was unlucky for Croatia that they concede the own goal as Mario Mandzukic flicks a header into the top corner. Then Croatia started pressing higher and higher, and the prize for them was another brilliant goal coming from Ivan Perisic. But on the other end, Perisic makes error of hand ball and conceded VAR penalty which Griezmann finish calmly to bring France back in lead as Subasic goes to the wrong end. It was again unlucky for Croatia who was playing their best game, troubling France. Thus, the first half concludes with France leading 2-1. Croatia start second half with tremendous spirit, and soon after game restart, Rebic wonderful shot was saved by Lloris. Soon after that, Ngolo Kante was substituted, and Croatia started to dominate in midfield. But France scored again out of nothing. Paul Pogba starts the attack, finds Mbappe, then Griezmann, and then Pogba whose shot was initially blocked but gets it again to shot it home with his left foot. Subasic was completely beaten this time. Six minutes after that goal, Kylian Mbappe becomes second teenager to score in a World Cup final, and now France have nearly sealed the victory. After 4 minutes, Lloris does a blunder which Mandzukic scores to make score 4-2. Mandzukic becomes 5th player to score in both World Cup and European Cup final. Now the France was only looking to waste the time, while Croatia had already surrendered. Thus, France wins the world cup with the score of 4-2. France are new World Champions Congratulations to France, Croatia won our Hearts