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Napoli loses points with Fiorentina
Favourite to win this match was Napoli, which takes second place in the league table. Carlo Ancelotti's charges, who won 1:0 after a difficult meeting, were in top form in the September clash between the two teams. Fiorentina's players are in excellent shape recently. The last match they lost on 26 December. Before that match they were ninth, but the loss to the top six is small. The Neapolitans had to win today if they dream of catching up with Juve. For both teams, each point scored is now worth its weight in gold, so we were hoping for a spectacle full of emotions. Mario Rui had to leave the field of play from the very beginning due to an injury. He suffered in a clash with Chiesa and in the sixth minute Ghoulam changed him. Moments after this change, Napoli had the first great opportunity to score a goal. However, Insigne did not use the good cross-breeding of Zielinski. Guests rushed with every minute more and more, and Fiorentina's players did not even shoot at the opponent's goal for 15 minutes. With time they gained more and more space on the pitch. In the 28th minute Veretout could have made all the fans in the stadium happy, but his very strong blow was defended by Napoli's goalkeeper. Piotr Zielinski was extremely active on the pitch, not only because of the many accurate passes. He quarrelled with Bryan Dabo all the time and every now and then a judge had to intervene. The first yellow card was given to Fiorentina's player, who aggressively tried to explain to the referee that Zielinski fouled his teammate once again. None of the teams was able to take advantage of their opportunities and in the first half we did not see the goals. We hoped that after a break one of the goalkeepers would finally capitulate. When the players of both teams sat in the locker room, Milik warmed up intensively. Dries Mertens played well below expectations today and it was him who replaced Milik. From the first minutes of the second part of the meeting we had a lot of fighting in the middle of the field. Zielinski, who was the most active footballer of Napoli, continued his very good game from the first half. Guests tried to play the ball in a positional attack, but they could not break through the tightly set defense of Fiorentina. Ten minutes before the end of the match, the players of both teams turned up the pace a little. The ball was quickly wandering from one goal to another. Five added minutes did not bring a goal and the match ended with a result of 0:0. Certainly, we can not say that it was a boring game, because there were many actions from both sides. However, there was a lack of effectiveness in the most important moments.