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Fixed Matches has never been put off globally 🌍
For many it does not exist, but fixed matches has never been put off since the time football match can be bet on. According to data released by the global football data analysis company Sportradar, in the approximately 55,000 football matches monitored by Sportradar each year, About 1% of the games are suspected of to be fixed game, which means that at least 550 games are controlled to play the game every year in all football leagues . Sportradar has turned to a big data analyst in sports. Some international gaming investors often use Sportradar for data analysis of specific types of football events, while providing gaming companies with accurate and highly synchronized match analysis, which provide a more scientific solution for fixed matches operations. Sportradar does not only analyse the games , but also analyzes the changes in odds offered by bookmakers in the corresponding game to find suspicious betting patterns in the data comparison. Most fixed matches belong to low-level leagues, such as the less known regional leagues and some famous big events. According to data released by Sportradar, only in a low-level league in Germany was put to justice, the fixed matches makers earned in profits €16 million by betting on the game. Although the regional football management associations and the government have cracked down the criminal organization, but fixed matches has not been put to rest globally. The earliest to be found in the global football game, the betting scandal can be traced back to 1915. When Manchester United defeated Liverpool in a game at Old Trafford , seven players were suspected were investigated after the game. It was later discovered gaming betting companies bought kickoffs in the game. In order to make a fixed match work effectively a manipulation group can buy one of the players and the mistakes in the key positions can bring the overwhelming advantage to the betting company to defraud the gamblers. The fixed match manipulation group often cooperates with some gaming companies. Illegal gambling allows merchants to have wherever outcome they choose in a event, and the huge benefits of football betting itself attract these illegal gambling to destroy football matches. Is there a possible solution for Fixed Matches ???

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