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Coach Review - Klopp's Future & his performance review at Liverpool
Klopp is indeed the best manager who can come to Liverpool. Sometimes success is not just winning trophies. But, it is about a happy and high morale team who love to play with each other. Liverpool has been feared by every club in PL and in UCL too. They are a big club with not-so-big-named but deadly players like Salah, Firmino, Mane, Van Dijk, Henderson, Allison who always give their best for the team. I feel Liverpool has always been world class and are currently, not by stats or trophies but by the level of skill, dedication, and passion. Klopp is most definitely one of the top managers in the world. They couldn’t ask for better. Success is earned with hard work and Klopp has created the environment for that. Manchester city is superb but took a few years to develop into what they are now and they have not made one European final by the way. Image source He is fit for the style of the Liverpool Club including fans and the players. He is a people's person and that comes naturally I think. Klopp is a different type than Deschamps, pep, and Zidane (who win trophies) but trophies or not I wouldn't rather see any other man on their sidelines, he produces a unique kind of football you don't see other places, a legend for sure no matter the years of no silverware. I love Klopp. I wish I will never watch him leaving Liverpool. He brought them to 3 finals. Who doesn't love Klopp? The best Liverpool could wish for, just a matter of time the trophies will come too. He needs to win at least one trophy soon! And then its gonna be trophies galore. Comical that some say he should be sacked if Liverpool doesn’t win a trophy, trophy or not he’s been the best thing to happen to the club in the last decade! No other manager would've taken them this far. They're competing against the best premier league side ever assembled, so there's no 'must win'. You don't win the Champions League that easy either. Klopp has improved the squad year by year. Now that they are re-established amongst the elite in Europe the trophies will come with time. Enjoy the ride. In order to win titles, sometimes, they need to be cooler than they are so far. Just like the match against Bayern. Carry on being emotional, but control them properly. They are improving each year and currently, they are competing for the Premiership trophy as well as the champions league. He is the right man for the club. Future is bright and the impact of Klopp is high.