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My Encounter with David Beckham
Image Source: Manchester United School of Excellence When I was 15, I played football for a team called Blacon Youth, we were located just over the English side of the border with Wales. Being so close to the Welsh border we were the only team allowed to play in the Welsh league. We used to win everything, League and Cups. There was 3 of us picked to play for the Welsh Representatives this was a choice put to us and we jumped at this opportunity. The team was picked from what was believed to be the best players within our league. The newfound team was great we played against South Wales, Cardiff, Bristol, and many more teams it was a right laugh and we had a great time on our travels too. Loved it. Moving on... our manager for the Welsh Representatives must have made the call to arrange to play Manchester United School of Excellence, wow yes great news, how soon......When do we play? They battered us, 9 - 2 ... Turned up in 3 shiny new minibusses dragged out what looked like 100 football`s in 2 large netted bags there team was all in there top Manchester Uniyed tracksuits with all the Man U bling.,. and to this day I can remember chatting with David Beckham after the game and his low pitched squeaky voice and hair parted, the whole team was amazing not just for the 9 -2 but how they played, how they passed the ball they run us like wild dogs, pure brilliance I don't remember much about how David Beckham played football that day but I do remember how Gary Neville played that day and that is because of how amazing a young footballer he was, he marked me completely out of the game I never got passed him once, I played on the right but on this day i was put to play on the left wing and Gary was playing in his right back position he went on to master. Gary Neville was brilliant, his parted hair not so good but a brilliant footballer and there you have it the future class of 92 Manchester United all-stars who squashed us on their way to the top lol : 0)