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What are the 10 most expensive football insoles
The Manchester City is one of the clubs that spends the most in hiring Soccer is the sport that generates more passion in fans, but it is also one of the most money that makes move. The progressive increase in the transfer market has meant that the teams have been forced to throw a checkbook to make their equipment. The battles between clubs to sign the best players happen and the prices of the players become more expensive. In this scenario Manchester City seems to feel very comfortable and has disbursed a total of 894.4 million euros to provide Pep Guardiola with a team with the talent to be crowned in all competitions. The 'citizens' have the most expensive squad in the world of football and lead the ranking of more expensive teams ahead of Manchester United (762.3), their rival citizen, and PSG (748.9), a relationship where the Premier League has three other squads (Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal) in the top ten. The English league, as a result of the new television contract, demonstrates its economic power by having five clubs among those who have spent most to develop their templates. To the chilling figures of the teams in Manchester, add the big expenditures of Liverpool (fourth in the ranking with 637.8 million euros), Chelsea (fifth with 627.5) and Arsenal (ninth with 412.4 million euros inverted). What happens with"The Liga" from Spain Within the 'Top 10' of teams that have invested the most in transfers, we find Barça and Real Madrid, the only two representatives of LaLiga in this relationship. The azulgrana occupy the sixth place having spent a total of 592.3 million euros, a dispendio triggered by the sale of Neymar, who left 222 'kilos' in the coffers Barca. With this sum, the Catalans were able to substitute the loss of the Brazilian signing Coutinho and Dembélé at gold price. Meanwhile, Madrid is eighth in the ranking with a squad that has cost Florentino Pérez 471.5 million euros. The whites go down in the list after losing Cristiano Ronaldo and chaining several seasons without 'galactic' signings. In parallel, Juventus, the new Portuguese club, rises to seventh place with a staff of over 500 million euros (508.1). Bayern Munich, meanwhile, closes this 'Top 10' with a team of 374.6 'kilos'. The 'bargains' or offers With the prices of the players by the clouds - in the last three seasons the six most expensive transfers of history have been registered -, it becomes more important to find before anyone the big 'bargains'. Bayern, Barça and Madrid proved in their day to know how to move quickly to get important players at low cost. This is how Lewandowski, Piqué and Marcelo arrived, important players who did not have a great impact on the coffers of their clubs. @raquel.ramirezv