Soccer / football transfers

As life may have it, I was not fortunate to come from a wealthy family but live was fairly good to us. My father was a trader of foodstuff and wan making reasonable money to take care of all the needs of the family as well training my elder siblings in the university. Tv set was very hard to come by then as it was own barely by some rich parents. One may find only one family in the whole street with Television set. Amazingly most time you can transverse two to three streets or entire area without seeing one. I remember those day people from different places do come to our neighbouring to watch films. My dad was not just a sport lover, he always clue to the radio every time he is back from work. Then we had a neighbour who will come to our veranda pavement to discuss the day news with dad. Dad was discipline and contended with what we had, he never allows us to go to watch film in the next street. Most time I sneaked out go and watch films. While at home we will be hearing shout of goals from the nearby street. My dad will be sitting at the parlour following the match on radio as usual. As a kid only what I see catches my interest. So one day, dad left for market and I just came back from school when I heard people shouting and jubilations. I was curious and more over the street was deserted. Everybody seems to be on the other street. That afternoon, i started my football journey. Within some split of seconds I was at the other street. What I saw was fascinating. Everywhere was crowded more than people I see in my church on Sundays. As a little short kid l couldn’t see what people where watching. From the window to the corridor, everywhere was looked down. L had to sneak in between peoples legs till i make it to where i could have I glimpse of what caught everybody’s attention. Behold the black and white big television cupboard. I saw people running with ball to and from the screen. Though I cannot say if i understood who was who and which country was against which. I was just happy because everybody around was happy and have satisfy my curiosity. When i realised myself was when people started going. The match was over. Then it was down on me that darkness has covered the cloud. What happened next?.................. Wait for part 2 on HOW I BECAME A FOOTBALL FAN

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