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Bayern Munich Crisis
My favourite club (kidding!!) is back to normal or in crisis? After four consecutive wins, FC Bayern have to accept a setback in the Bundesliga and only come to a draw against SC Freiburg - horray! Even I am not a supporter of Freiburg - Germany is taking a breath. Munich is beatable - Dortmund has to take the chance now as long as they are struggling with themselves. Munich in Crisis? (Source) On Saturday a weak FC Bayern has again lost points in the Bundesliga At home they played 1:1 (0:0) against SC Freiburg - spectators say the the German record champion presented himself in a frighteningly bad playing condition, without ideas and at times even without passion, and after the game there was great helplessness. "I also wonder why we are not making any progress. We did well for the first 20 minutes. It looked like football, joy and pressure. Then we didn't score a goal and the longer the game lasted, the slower it became," said sports director Hasan Salihamidzic after the match: "We don't manage to do everything at the highest speed. We lack vitality and joy". Nevertheless, the Bavarians were close to three points, but in the 89th minute they had to accept the low blow from Lucas Höler, who used a cross from the left to equalise. Bitter for the Bavarians: The goal was the first goal chance for the visitors, which continued an unprecedented negative series for Manuel Neuer: The last eight shots on goal on the goalkeeper's body were all in. Neuer also doesn't find an explanation why the Bavarians can't get on the track at all after the strong start to the season: "You've seen that we've never shone in the last few weeks," explained Neuer at Sky. "You can't play with ease, but we still have sequences in the game where we do it really well. The question is, why don't we keep doing it that way then? Neuer in action lol (Source) After Serge Gnabry scored his first goal in Bayern's jersey in the 80th minute, it looked as if the Munich side could win their next game and their fifth in a row before Höler put a spoke in the wheel. "Freiburg didn't do that badly today, with ten people behind the ball, which is really hard for us," said Gnabry at Sky. "But we exerted a lot of pressure, had many corners, many standards. But we have to play it out better." At the moment it's a "fact that we don't manage to make up for the chances we have and that we're not as creative as we think we are," said coach Niko Kovac. "But still 1:0, Bayern Munich, you play at home, you have to win in any case. The Munich team is thus four points behind Borussia Dortmund before the direct duel next Saturday.

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