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Fabregas Completes His Move to Monaco – What Can He Offer to Monaco and the Ligue 1 in General?
Image source Earlier yesterday, Cesc Fabregas who I regard as one of the best and precise passers in world football finally completed his move to Monaco and will wear the number 44 jersey. His is a player who is definitely up there with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Pirlo etc when it comes to setting a target and executing the pass with accuracy and perfect timing. His move to Monaco was certain as he was over the age limit for higher term contracts at Chelsea who have a policy of not giving longer contract to players who are above 30 and also needed to play more as Jorginho has been the manager’s favorite to start in the regista role ever since he joined from Napoli. Fabregas 3 and half years spell at Chelsea has been a remarkable one for him except for the 2015/2016 season which is a season to forget according to the Chelsea fans. His time at Chelsea has seen him score and create goals that have helped the Blues win 2 premier league titles (a title he has always dreamt of winning as a player), FA Cup and the League cup during his 3 and half years service. He played his final game in a Chelsea shirt at the bridge in a 2 nil win over Nottingham Forest in the FA cup a few days ago, a game which he received a massive ovation from the fans. It was an emotional moment for him and for the fans and a proof that his move away from the premier league was certain. After the game, he wrote a brief tribute to Chelsea saying goodbye and appreciating the incredible journey playing for the club and wished the club and the fans best of luck for the future. Fabregas Joins Monaco Cesc Fabregas who is 31 years of age has finally joined Monaco on a 3-and-a-half-year contract and gets the chance to reunite with Thierry Henry who was his teammate back then at Arsenal and now manager of Monaco. According to Fabregas, he described the move to the Ligue 1 as a new project to him and said it is a great honor. According to Henry, everyone at the club is excited to secure the signature of the maestro, a world-class player who is also a great professional. What Can Fabregas Bring to Monaco? A lot of talking points and questions have been asked concerning Fabregas and what he can bring to Monaco, which is what I will try to give my own opinion in this post. But before I share what I feel he can offer to Monaco and the Ligue 1 in general, let’s quickly refresh our minds with some of his amazing qualities on the pitch where he excels excellently… Vision: He is one of those players that sees what others don’t see on the pitch. He can see a player making run before anyone else and knows how and where to play the pass with accuracy and correct timing. Accurate Passing: I had to add accurate before the word ‘’passing’’ because he doesn’t just give regular passes like most players do, he sprays balls anywhere on the pitch with pinpoint accuracy and has the ability to release any type of pass, from long range to short passes, to intricate passes to through balls. He is just a master when the word passing is mentioned. This ability has created lots of goal scoring chances for any team he has played in. Assist king: When it comes to players who are masters of assist, you will definitely mention Fabregas. He even said that he derives joy in assisting other players and he gets the same fulfilled feeling when a player scores from his assist. During his time at Arsenal, he was one of the best, if not the best creator in the premier league even at a very young age. His time at Chelsea saw him break the premier league highest assist record. This ability is a joy for any forward player. Great Awareness: When it comes to awareness on the pitch, he is still up there with the best. During a game, he is always aware of his surroundings and knows what to do or where to pass the ball even before he receives the ball. This ability makes it difficult for defenders to read his pass, and makes it possible to spray defense-splitting through balls for the strikers. Intelligence: When you talk about players who play with high-level intelligence, Cesc Fabregas is definitely up there. His is a very smart and intelligent player on the pitch which helps him to read the game and know what to do at any given situation. Leadership: At a very young age back then at Arsenal, he was named as the captain of the club and has also captained the Chelsea team in few other occasions during the game like we saw in his last match at the bridge. His ability to lead on the pitch and dictate the play is top level. Looking at all these amazing qualities, the question still remains; what can he offer to Monaco and the Ligue 1 in general? My Opinion For me, I think he will bring a lot to the table. His amazing qualities and experience will really add a lot to the Monaco team. Firstly, he wears the magic hat. A lot of fans call him the magician and a player who wears the magic hat. He earned the name as a result of his amazing ability to create situations out of nothing which will really benefit the team as he still has the ability to create situations from nothing. Secondly, his awareness, vision and accurate passing is still one of the best. Like he said, he might not have the speed anymore, but he will never lose his technique. With this, he will surely spray balls and create chances for his teammates like he has done in his career so far. Thirdly, his intelligence will help the team greatly, as he can read the game and know how to direct the players around him, most especially the younger players will tap in from his vast array of knowledge and intelligence. Fourthly, his leadership and experience will be of great value to the team, as he can show his leadership qualities on and off the pitch and also his experience will help improve the inexperienced players in the club. Finally, the Ligue 1, in general, will really benefit from having a player of his caliber, a player who is recognized and loved by many football lovers across the world. Surely, people who love him will definitely start following more of the French league to watch how their favorite player fares and this will bring more eyeballs to the league, especially from fans who don’t really follow the Ligue 1. And that is a wrap… What do you think Fabregas will offer to the Monaco team and the Ligue 1 in general? I would love to read your own opinions… Enjoy your day.

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