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Itz not time to quit when you still have something to live for on goaltycoon.....
All season on real live football has ended but will still have something to live for, i know many people may not know about goaltycoon and many will be planing on how to quite the game, that because they only came for the income and not the love of football. Well for does that don't know about the goaltycoon or rather hearing about it for the first time goaltycion is a football manager website that gives you the ability to own and manage your club and you also get reward for that when you are determine to build your team to the permanent site. When i say manger i mean you have the ability to set your players make the necessary changes and also the ability to buy and sell players but you are not the one playing it like dream lwague, FIFA and the rest. Back to my main topic SUGGESTIONS FOR A TIRED MANAGER Are you one of the managers getting tired of this game? Are you thinking of quitting and abandon your team? What a little bit and think again about your decision. Read this article first may be it will give you a reason to continue. Try the tips of this article, I believe it will help you to continue. In everything, the beginning seem difficult but getting easier day by day. Patient and consistency is what we need. These tips will help you to succeed in goaltycoon as it help me: Don't play the game just because you wanted to make money but play for the passion you have for football. Try to repair the park elements from time to time. Always visit the newspaper segment for more knowledge about the game. Visit the chat room anytime you need answer to a question. Try to refer one person to the game at least. Try to login and follow the match live. See your team as a real one and have passion for it. Invest if you can afford it and purchase transfer license. These are the few I can suggest for now among the numerous ways to move forward and enjoy the game. Give it a trial and see the results. If you visit the chat room and ask questions; people with experience in the game is there to help. I wish you best of luck as you take step. Check on the comment section for link if you want to join......