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The first seven changes in football rules are presented
image The soccer game will soon receive several new rules after Zvonimir Boban and Pierluigi Colina have already submitted a list of seven proposals to the International Football Board, which will now have to declare each one. It is the only authority in FIFA that has the right to change the rules in football, and if the initiative is accepted, all proposals will not be implemented at the same time. These are the seven rules of the football game proposed by Boban and Collina. image 1. When forming a living wall, players from the attacking team will not be allowed to stand in it and interfere with the defensive and the goalkeeper. They will have to be at least one meter away from the living wall. 2. When the goalkeeper takes the ball from the petiole, the opponent footballer will no longer have to wait for it to get out of the box, but will be able to play with it immediately. 3. Any hand-playing in the penalty area above the height of the shoulder will automatically mean a penalty, whether it is intent or not. 4. It will no longer be possible to give a goal by hand, even if it is a ball that is accidentally hit in the hand of the shooter. 5. Coaches and reserve players will receive yellow and red cards. 6. A player leaving the game will have to leave the field from the nearest out-line, not to the middle of the pitch as it is now. 7. Referees will no longer be considered "air" if they touch the ball. If she refuses from the referee in a chance to score, or after contact with him ends up in the goal, the action is interrupted and the ball returns to the team that she owned. what do you think, in which direction football is going? a. THE RIGHT ROAD. b. Wrong Road. Answer only a one word in a comment. TNX FOR R..... thank you for the little fuss.....

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