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The merits of Griezmann, Salah, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Ballon D'Or 2018
France Football Ballon D'Or 2018I still do not believe it. Believe me, I still find it difficult to digest the fact that Luka Modric was awarded the Golden Ball 2018. I see the images and there is simply something that is very wrong with them. Already yesterday I explained reasons to spare that showed that Modric did not deserve to be recognized with this award. Also mention that there were at least 4 players who deserved more this prize than the Croatian. And since I do not like just talking to talk, today I came back with the reasons why these 4 players that I will mention below deserved more the Ballon D'Or than Luka Modric. As I did with the Balkan, I will take into account the period between November 2017 and October 2018; since these are the times taken into account by the magazine France Football and its journalists when it comes to choosing who will be awarded the prize. Antoine Griezmann (France, Atlético Madrid). If France Football had decided to return to its origins and award the best player of the world champion team in World Cup year, without a doubt this prize should be for Griezmann. After a hesitant start to the season with only 5 goals in the league and many doubts, "The Little Prince" was able to return to his best level that we were used to in 2018. In fact, much of that bad moment experienced by Griezmann was key to Atletico Madrid will be eliminated from the UEFA Champions League in the group stage. But the level of Griezmann in 2018 invited us to think that perhaps he could sit at the table of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And we do not talk about their numbers, which as of January 2018 are impressive; but of his game, of what he showed on the pitch and the attitude that accompanied him. The Frenchman found his best version and showed a state of plethoric form. From his hand, Simeone's team managed to secure second place in La Liga; in addition to ending up being crowned like champions of the UEFA Europa League. It should be noted that Griezmann was not only outstanding as the best player, but as one of the top scorers in the competition. And all this without mentioning the 2018 World Cup. As we know, the Frenchman was crowned world champion along with the rest of the French team. "The Little Prince" achieved the not insignificant figure of 4 goals in the tournament, the most remarkable thing is that they were goals in key moments. And although it is true that he did not have a World Cup more prominent than Luka Modric; It must be said that if we must choose the best player in a France in which the overall game predominated, that is Antoine Griezmann. His goals, his ability to sacrifice, his game for others and leadership made him the best player in France and the second best player in the World Cup. In total, during November 2017 and October 2018, Griezmann scored 36 goals. He also won the UEFA Europa League, the European Super Cup and the Russia 2018 World Cup; in all these titles being the key player and returning to its best version. Mohamed Salah (Egypt, Liverpool FC). Probably the most amazing player of the 2017-2018 season. It is quite significant that the Golden Ball judged since November 2017, because it was just this month that the best Salah exploded. In that stretch of the season we all realized that the Egyptian was not just a mirage, but was destined to do big things in 2018. We were not wrong. Salah 2018 has been a dream, as with his goals, dribbling and impressive careers could return Liverpool to a star plane in England and Europe. With the level that Salah showed every weekend in the Premier and midweek on European nights, we felt that Liverpool could achieve anything that was proposed. Proof of this is that Liverpool ended up reaching the final of the UEFA Champions League eliminating candidates like Manchester City, from the hand of a Salah who in role of figure appeared in each of the important moments. And if the Egyptian had not met with that unfortunate injury in the Kiev final, it would not be unreasonable to think that Liverpool would have one more Champions in their showcases. In addition, Salah managed to become the Premier League's top scorer in the 2017-2018 season. Title that got breaking a historical record, by the way. There were no other players in the 5 major leagues in Europe who scored more goals than Mohamed Salah between November 2017 and May 2018. In fact, on an individual level there was no better player than Salah in the 2017-2018 season. Only the Egyptian deserved to be awarded the UEFA Player and FIFA The Best, because what he played this season was simply brutal. Counting all year, Salah managed to score 44 goals displaying spectacular football. Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona). Messi 5th in the Ballon D'Or? As my friend Juan Pablo Varsky would say, "stop fucking". Just a bad joke that shows how unworthy this prize is. Sometimes I think we're all crazy. While Lionel Messi plays football professionally in the first European level, always, he will ALWAYS be the best player in the world. Do not confuse this with being the best player of the year or the best player of the moment, they are totally different things. When they tell me that Messi came 5th in the Ballon D'Or, I think he had to have, by far, the worst season of his life. Nothing further from reality. Nothing else to say that the Argentine finished being champion La Liga and Copa del Rey with the FC Barcelona, ​​gained a doublet that apparently does not mean anything for the voters. In addition, Messi ended up taking the Pichichi Trophy and later with the Golden Boot of Europe, by scoring 34 league goals in the 2017-2018 season. Apparently, an individual distinction that does not mean anything either. And although it is true that at the beginning of 2018 the Argentine experienced a considerable drop in his level and quota scoring, a bad season of Messi would be a dream season for any other mortal. The things that happen to Rosario bill are the elimination once again in the 4th of Champions final and the very poor role of Argentina in the World Cup. Even with all this, Messi managed to score 42 goals between November 2017 and October 2018. All this without mentioning his abundant start to the season that delights with a return to his best level. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid/Juventus). I have no doubt that nobody deserved more the Ballon D'Or 2018 than Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. Another historical season to the Portuguese crack stock exchange. Despite having experienced the worst start of the season during his stay at Real Madrid, Cristiano returned with everything from 2018. Until December 2017 the Portuguese had only scored 4 goals in the league, a ridiculous amount for the numbers that we have accustomed. However, the Portuguese promised that at the end of the season he would finish as Pichichi. And in a certain way he fulfilled it, because nobody in Spain scored more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo in the second quarter of the season, seeing a total of 22 times from January to May. More goals in this period than Messi, but the Argentine already had a very wide advantage of goals in the fight for the top scorer and against mathematics you can not fight. But without a doubt the great crown of the season of Christian was the obtaining of the UEFA Champions League. The Portuguese player was not only the top scorer of the competition, but also appeared as Real Madrid's savior in key matches of the group stage; besides practically eliminating only PSG and Juventus. The only blemish of the 2018 Portuguese was the World Cup where, despite an exciting start, Portugal ended up disappointing again. And what about his start of the season with his new club, Juventus? Maximum figure of Juventus and Cappocannoniere of Serie A scoring goals of all shapes and colors. In addition, after the arrival of the Portuguese crack Juventus has chained the best start to the season in its history. Coincidence? I do not think so. In total, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 46 goals between November 2017 and October 2018. Goals, titles and outstanding performances What else did Cristiano Ronaldo need to win his sixth Ballon D'Or? One thing: wear a white uniform. Did Modric really make more merit than these 4 men to win the Ballon D'Or 2018 over them? The question is answered alone. Every time I get used to injustices more and more.