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Can Super Falcons Survive Their World Cup Group?
Hello everyone! Welcome back to another beautiful and sport educating post from @Oxygen02. Recently the female world cup which will be held in France next year was drawn and the Super Falcons of Nigeria find themselves in group A which comprises the host country France, Korea and Norway. Taking a close look at this group, I will tell you the falcons were so unlucky to find themselves there. Though, there are still other tough group but playing in the group where we have the host country is always a big iron in the fire. When it comes to Africa women football, the falcons are still the best to reckon with and they are still the reigning champion of the just concluded AWCON women's tournament. They have been dominating the Africa continent for awhile now and in many occasions, they have established themselves as the giant of Africa as far as women football is concern in the continent. Come year 2019 in France, they will be flying the flag of the nation Nigeria and also representing Africa at the world cup level. The tournament will see them playing their first match against Norway on June 8, when it comes to women football ranking, Norway are ranked 13 in the world and their appearance in France next year will make it the 8th times they are coming directly to this tournament. They will also play their second game against Korea republic on June 12, a country which is also ranked 14 in the world. Though, their best achievement in the tournament is the round of sixteen but this team will really be a problem for the super falcons. This is the third time they are qualifying for this tournament and is really going to be a tough game against them. On June 17, they will be playing their last group game against the host country France who are currently ranked 3 in the world. This is really going to be a tough match as the falcons has first been defected this year 8-0 by this France team.. The France women national team are not new to this tournament has their best achievement in the tournament is reaching the semifinals. This group is really going to be a test for the falcons has they are ranked lowest in the group with 39 position after dropping from 38likeexpect them to go into this tournament as the champion of Africa and to tell the whole world that the women AFCON is not just a mere competition but a big one. Winning the AWCON tournament should be a boost for them. This world cup is still far but nearer and the only thing that can make them survive this group is maximum preparation, at least organizing a friendly match with strong countries like Brazil, Germany, USA and maybe one country from the Asia continent. Then, with the support of the NFF, they can go far in France come next year. Do you think they will survive the group? Let's meet in the comment box. Note: All images are google related. I hope you find this post interesting and educating. Until then, I remain my humble self @Oxygen02. Thanks For Reading.👍