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Tottenham - Dortmund game review
After few not so good performances in England Premier League vs Burnley, Chelsea and Arsenal Tottenhem went to Dortmund for second match with leader of Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund. Capital from first game was big as Spurs won first leg with 3:0. However last not so good games raised concern and fear from unimaginable. Poch left Trippier in London due his "personal problems" and I felt relief because of that. Rose was also on the substitute bench which left only Sanchez as weak link in defense. Poch's 11 for this game were: H. Lloris - J. Vertonghen, D. Sánchez, T. Alderweireld - S. Aurie, M. Sissoko, H. Winks, Eriksen, B. Davies - Son, Kane. That looked to me like 3-5-2 formation with oscillation to 5-3-2 in defending and 3-4-3 when attacking. Aurie took right side, while Davies took left, Winks and Sissoko were defensive midfielders while Eriksen was link to attack where were H.Kane and Son. Concern was Sanchez because he is very unsure these days and has big prone to mistakes. Dortmund coach L.Favre picked up following 11 players: R. Bürki, Raphaël Guerreiro Substituted, A. Diallo, M. Akanji, A. Witsel, M. Götze, J. Weigl, J. Sanch, M. Reus , Paco Alcácer, M. Wolf. From the beginning of the game it was clear that Spurs want to calm down rhythm of the game and to defend with waiting for counter attacks or some mistake in Dortmund lines. After first 10 minutes of power testing Dortmund took initiative and started to push hard toward Spurs goal in attempt to score in early stage of the game. Well they didn't count who is on Tottenham goal - super Ugo Lloris. Dortmund created 4-5 good chances and had 11 shoots in first half and 5 of them were very dangerous straight in the goal. Super Ugo saved them all with some sacrificing tackles from Vertongen, Winks who blocked few very good chances. I got feeling that Dortmund chances went from Sanchez inexperience and mistakes in positioning and duels. To be fair I must say that he blocked one dangerous shot from 16m too and prevented goal. He had his good moments in the game, but few so bad reactions lead to great chances. Tottenham on the other hand has just one chance in first half when Son run alone toward Dortmund goal, just to shoot wide and turn around toward referee expecting penalty. I didn't see that Dortmund player tripped him from behind. Dortmund had great possession like 80% in first half. Without exaggerate I can say that super Ugo Lloris saved Spurs in that period of game with his incredible saves. In second half Dortmund pushed harder in attack, but did not create a lot of chances as in first 45 minutes. Spurs waked up and started to make some good quick passing and threatened with counter attacks. After one of those Dotrmund player who deflected the ball around 30m of his goal, but Sissoko intercepted it and we saw quick simple pass toward H.Kane who ran toward the goal in big chance. What can happen in such situations when the best finisher in the league run alone toward goal ? You know the answer, sniper shot straight to the net for final whistle for Dotrmund in this clash. 0:1 for Spurs 0:4 in aggregate game was over at that moment. Dortmund players did not surrender, but tried to score at least 1 goal, created few chances and one they had close to the end was the best. One of their players ran alone toward Ugo and shot, but super Ugo saved even that with his legs for well deserved clean-sheet in this game. Teams who get away without goal in the net at hell of Dortmund Westfallen stadium with one of the best supporters in Europe are rare. Well those who have goal keeper like Ugo Lloris are rarer! Desperate faces of Dortmund players unable to find the net frustrated by Ugo's super performance made the best picture of what was going on. Lloris went to very big highs with this performance. At the end exalted supporters of the Spurs sang "Aufwideresehen aufwiedersehen aufwiedersehen" to desperate home fans. There were also "He's one our own" after goal and "When the Spurs go marching in" too. Spurs fans were on necessary level too.Conclusion: Tottenham won, went to next round, Ugo was great, H.Kane was deadly as usual. The way how he is finishing and scoring is well-known, but now he added new quality to his portfolio - his great passes which find teammates without mistake. All opponent clubs know that they need to stop him, often 2-3 of them come close to him to prevent his deadly shot, but he still keeps the ball between them and then fire up so deadly pass after which someone is in big chance. There is no defense for Harry Kane at the moment! I just hope he won't pick up injury again. However, Spurs should not fool themselves about great performance of squad or to flight high, because overall performance was with flaws. Dortmund had a lot of chances, Dortmund had more of possession they need to solve Sanchez problem before next stage of Champions League. Super Ian Vertongen and Alderweirled should help and teach him to play better. He need to improve positioning, passing and duel play. Of course give the ball to Dortmund was game plan tonight, but I just feel Spurs defense let them create to many chances especially in panicking few minutes 5 minutes before half time.