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Reasons The Spurs' Man Is Not Getting Biddings From Big Clubs
Harry Kane is an England player, who plays as a striker for both club and country. Over the years he has cemented his status as a formidable player whose prowess in front of goal is second to none. Harry Kane is the face of Tottenham Hotspur. He has been their top goal scorer for the last 4 seasons. And he is a product and face of the success of their academy. His love and dedication to the club is evident in his dealings with the club. He is arguably one of their most important players. This article was borne out of curiosity on why Harry Kane has not been getting biddings from other top clubs in Europe considering his versatility and consistency. In my view he is a better option compared to some overpriced players parading European football markets. I don't think Kane is some overhyped English talent, he has proven to be a guaranteed 20 goal per season striker, something only 3 or 4 clubs in the league possess. Kane in this current market will go for nothing less than 200 million pounds considering Neymar's ridiculous transfer fee has changed the European market approach and that is ludicrous. Kane is the official ‘Spurs man’. His face was plastered all over White Hart Lane. He's becoming what Gerrard was to Liverpool, or John Terry to Chelsea. Kane’s also a hardworking, respectful professional, and the model example to all other players at the club. Particularly the young ones climbing through the ranks, as he did. I believe Kane is not interested in moving elsewhere other than Spurs because of his love and popularity among the fans. Unlike some players who chase money over passion, Kane is not one that does that. I believe Tottenham will sell him if the right price comes. Their handlers are known to be very strict in players negotiation. However there are a couple of reasons why clubs are not lining up to submit bids. It stems from both the player’s willingness to leave and Tottenham’s willingness to sell will surely play major roles in deterring any potential suitors. However I also think that the fact that he is so talented, young and English all play equally important roles. The EPL has gone insane in the last few years, with transfer fees being almost made up on the hoof seemingly. I mean, £50 million for Kyle Walker?! He’s a good, top 10 team player and as much a threat going forward as he’s solid defensively. But that is absolutely nuts for a player who can’t get ahead of Kieran Trippier in the Spurs team. EPL clubs are financially buoyant off the back of the latest TV deals and Spurs have absolutely no need to sell their most important player. It’s why Dele Alli hasn’t really been linked with a move away either. Clubs on the continent know that they would have to pay eye-watering fees to convince Tottenham to sell, and although Kane is a fantastic player, they probably believe they can find better value elsewhere. And that’s not even mentioning other teams in the EPL. For a player of such quality, so young and English to boot to move from Tottenham to a rival team would take a world record transfer fee, no doubt about it. Real Madrid was rumoured to bid for him but that was shut out after signing a long term contract which eventually shun a potential transfer bid. I believe a time will come when he would seek to change clubs and that would stem from the fact that Tottenham for some years have not won any trophy. What's the joy of being a good quality without trophies to show for it through out ones career. That's my view anyway, kindly share yours in the comment section and approve a friendly UPVOTE. Thank you.