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Manchester City is silent Arsenal 3-1, will Liverpool be under pressure?
Manchester City vs Arsenal results: 3-1 The results of the Manchester City vs Arsenal match ended 3-1. Sergio Aguero became a hero in this match, because he scored three goals (hat trick) and managed to bring Manchester City to within two points of the standings. Aguero's quick 48 goals in 48 seconds was the beginning of the Gunners' weakening spirit. Aguero managed to take advantage of the inadequacy of the Gunners defender to be able to break down the Arsenal goal in less than a minute. This is the second time Aguero has scored quickly in this season. After earlier when contra with Newcastle. Aguero also scored a goal in less than a minute. He was really good at utilizing the initial situation of the opposing players. Image Source The 48-second goal in the match versus Arsenal at the Etihad occurred when one attack was blocked by the Gunners players. The ball then falls on Aymeric Laporte. Then Laporte led to the goal line and unleashed the stomach until it was headed by the Argentine striker in the first minute. But unfortunately, captain Laurent Koscielny, managed to equalize on the 10th minute count. The return goal occurred starting from Raheem Sterling's mistake, stopping his escort in a corner situation on Kosciely. Koscielny made it in and headed in from Nacho Monreal's assist. Goals took place 1-1. But Aguero, can again increase the position for Manchester City. After the collaboration between Raheem Sterling and Ilkay Gundogan at the edge of the penalty box. Until making the Gunners players lose control of Aguero. Sterling sent the ball in front of goal, Aguero there immediately grabbed and scored the second goal. Aguero's next goal was in the 60th minute. Although it was a handball, because the ball had touched the Argentine striker's hand before rolling past the goal line. But referee Atkinson agreed to the third goal from Aguero. Image Source There are no additional goals after that. The match ended 3-1. As a result of the match, Pep Guardiola's team managed to erode two points at the top of the table ahead of the Liverpool match which will take place at West Germany in the early hours. These results, also confirmed the position of Manchester United in fifth place in the standings after successfully silencing Leicester City 1-0 at home to Leicester.