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The reasons that caused Spain’s failure
The national team disappointed by the dismissal of Lopetegui and fast to the style it already doesn’t have, signs another failure On Sunday, during 120 minutes match, Spanish players have 1 114 passes. It means, 9,2 passes per minute. Spain hit the target 9 times, it means one time per 13 minutes. After the first promising match against Portugal, Spain left the World Cup playing against the team of the much lower level. Besides, the emotions after the matches against Iran and Morocco were also unpleasant. What are the reasons? There are several different reasons. Dismissal of Julen Lopetegui Without analyzing the right or wrong decision, it would be ridiculous to reject the influence of this factor on the dynamics of the group’s work. Julen Lopetegui studied everything perfectly, created the list of 23 players, determined the daily schedule (free hours, trainings, conversations etc.), studied the rivals and even talked with the cooks in order to understand what the players ate (he even permitted croissants and coca-cola at the end of the day). “Our leader left us, and Fernando did his best”, said Koke trying to make the conclusion regarding the changes in the national team. Hierro, respected in the dress room, hurried up to do what he could, he managed to understand the mental aspect of the team. He recognized he didn’t have enough time to analyze all tactical moments. It is true, in the match against Russia it turned out the problem was much more serious than the change of the coach. Insistence on the idea There are many opinions regarding the game manner of Spain. Before he left, Iniesta said: “There are players who will be able to find their way. It also depends on the coach they work with. We already know the way that gave us great success. This way depends on the players you want to see in the team or you don’t”. It means, the great success of Spain in 2008 and 2012 proves there are many options. The beauty and reliability of the national team’s style in its best years was based on the constant movement, quick passes, there was no horizontal game at all. And now, the task is to recover this style if there are players for that. If not, just try to explore new ways. It doesn’t seem complicated. Physical condition The large majority of the footballers of the national team we relied on were far away of their best conditions. Some of them due to the lack of the competitive tension during many weeks before the championship. Other players felt quite tired due to the complicated games in the European club tournaments. When Koke didn’t help Busquets, Spain almost fell down. The midfielders didn’t feel confident and almost didn’t move when they lost the ball. So, it’s very difficult to score the goals against such teams as Russia that starting from the minute 60’ didn’t attack. When Lopetegui left the team, the schedule of training was changed. The team didn’t train in the morning but afternoon when the temperature in Krasnodar reached almost 40 degrees. Case of De Gea Without any doubts, one of the key players of the national team. In the friendly match against Switzerland in Villareal, the goalkeeper committed a simple mistake that resulted in the draw. After that, another mistake was committed in the match against Portugal. Despite the support of his teammates who asked him to keep calm, he obviously felt nervous when the ball appeared in the penalty area. In Russia, the statistics was very sad - 11 shoots and 10 goals. Obviously, we can’t accuse the goalkeeper of this situation, however the team needs security and calm in the defense. During this World Cup, Spain didn’t have de Gea who played in the prestigious European club Manchester United. Too many mistakes, and too many failures. Substitutes Hierro didn’t give enough chances to the substitutes. Lucas Vazquez, Thiago and Asensio didn’t show their best game in the match on Sunday. There’s nothing to remember. At the same time, Odriozola and Saul stay at the bench. Only Aspas played against Morocco and Rodrigo played against Russia. It’s was not enough to change the final result. We can make the conclusion that Spain faced multifunctional problems, and it was difficult to solve them. Source: El Mundo