image However with the end on the 2018/19 season a forth night ago, International Football Association Board, IFAB, has other new rules and changes ahead of the 2019/2020 season approved as follows 1) VAR shall be enforcement next season 2) If a goal accidentally hit player’s hand in a build up to a goal, such goal will be disallowed and in such case, a free kick would be award outside the penalty box. 3) Players will have to leave the pitch at the nearest exit point than walk across the pitch to their stand point. 4) Referees now have the power to show managers yellow or red cards as their judgement leads when a coach misbehaved at the touch line like it is given to every other players on the field. 5) Keepers are not forbidden from touching the goal post when penalty kicks are to be taken as well must have one of their foot touching the goal line. 6) Ball must be given to team that lost the ball for manufacture restate in their advantage except at the penalty post where it is easier to give it to the keeper and players of the opposing teams must stay 4m away from the ball. Video Assistant Referee Change they say is constant, such is the fate of everything. When it comes to sport in general and football in particular, there have been modifications about the sport is officiated to fit each era argument about a particular rule, dressing, etc. Last year was the debate of the Video Assistant Referee being introduced in the English Premier League and the possible effects it will have on the game. So, the argument is no longer strange one to anybody. This technology was used in the last FIFA World Cup with some European leagues like Laliga adopting it. Well, it seems it has come to stay as we shall be seeing it being used next season in Epl. Player's Substitution image This news rules have been long overdue with players and coaches taking some advantages in the loophole of game to exploit opposing team. For example, over the years last minute substitution has been used by coaches who are leading to kill time and calm the tension of the game with players taking as much as 30-45 seconds to leave the field. This was very evident in most of Burnley's game last season which created a lot of debate. With this enforced, players are forced to exit the field at any nearest point to them and walk down to their stand as they wish. To me, this is a very good idea as this has caused violet reaction from fans of the losing teams as well as the referee put under pressure by players to made the substituting player leave fast. Accidental Handball in Penalty Box image Another rules that caught my attention is the accidental hand ball in the eighteen yard box in a build up to a goal being disallowed. Is still have my reservation on these until l get full understanding of it. Why will a goal bound ball that hits hand of opposite player and enter his post accidentally be disallowed when his hand is part of his body or are players now allowed not to keep their hands behind when inside the penalty box. This rules will generate its own debate in course of the league season and am not comfortable with the rules. Instead if a penalty being awarded, a free kick is given instead outside the eighteen years box. Played who have good free kick takers will now have option of keeping the ball at advantage position to play. I would have love it if free kick is given inside the box. Your opinion is welcomed on new rules To be continued in next post..................................