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Mourinho spends a fortune living in a luxury hotel in Manchester
The Portuguese coach has been staying in a suite since he landed in the English team in 2016. He has invested more than 570,000 euros. The bad situation that José Mourinho is going through in Manchester United has caused the life of the Portuguese in English lands to be watched with a magnifying glass. The Daily Mail has now emphasized that despite having signed up to 2020 with the English team, the Portuguese have preferred to live in a hotel since he arrived in Manchester in 2016. And I ask myself the next question "If you've been at Old Trafford for three seasons ... why does the boss still live in a hotel?" José Mourinho, has lived since minute one, at the five-star hotel, Lowry, located next to the Irwell River in Salford, Greater Manchester. The Portuguese technician takes a total of 825 days in a luxury suite, specifically in the Riverside Suite, at a cost of 687 euros per night, so, according to the English medium, Mourinho has spent a total of 500,000 pounds in accommodation, about 572,638 euros.Apparently there is a Riverside Suite on each floor of the hotel, which is described as "the feel of a private apartment with style". Each has a view over the Irwell River, which runs through Manchester, and all are individually designed around abstract artworks by internationally acclaimed artist Oldham, Alan Rankle. The suite, as indicated on the hotel website, consists of a rather large and open space that has, "a selection of soft sofas with relaxing views of the river" and "a separate living room and dining room with a small kitchen for the thrill of entertaining a five-star hotel. " Jose Mourinho lives alone in Manchester since his family base is in the English capital where his daughter Matilde, has graduated from the Art University of London and his son José Mourinho Jr. has played at Fulham until last year. The Daily Mail has also ensured that the Manchester United coach will meet this week with the club's executive director, Ed Woodward, to discuss his future. REGISTER HERE IF YOU DO NOT SEE ECHO EVEN AND WHEN YOU DO LOOK FOR ME TO HELP YOU WEKU

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