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Happy Moan Day - PSG's Long Lasting Ligue 1 Lossless Streak Deflowered.
Source This is a happy moan day contest organised by our very own Pete. Click the Link to get yourself involved. How hard it is to lose something you've protected longer than you can even remember. To watch the identity you upheld snatched from your grasp in broad day light and you keep wondering, "is it all over?". The pride of a team, a worth above the shadows loathsomeness, the value of awesomeness was taken away from the Ligue 1 giant Paris Saint German by. Olympique Lyonnais hosted the table leaders at the Groupama Stadium during the weekend. It was a top flight game for PSG as they travelled to retain their unbeaten run. However, things were going pretty well at the start just before the day became night for the visitors. Source Di Maria opened the scoring just seven minutes into the game after a successful four-on-three counter from Draxler. However, the host took charge of the game from that moment on and deservedly got an equalizer through Moussa Dembele's header after Areola fumbled with his footing target. The goalie has been phenomenal in the first 32 minutes of the game before the miscalculating error. This surely is a moaning situation for the goalie as his stormer sure day came to an end. Early in the second half, Dembele won a penalty for his side as Thiago Silva brought him in the eighteen yard box. Fekir sends the keeper the wrong way while he tucks the ball into net, giving Lyon the comeback they deserved. Despite the fact that PSG saw many chances at goal, their goal conversion was poor. This is the part where the team feels Neymar's absence. The Brazilian with his tactical samba dribbles could have done his amazing tricks against the defenders. Moreover, happy birthday in arrears to the forwarder who celebrated his 27 on the 5th of February with crutches to assist his movement. Source The loss surely rubbed anxiety off Manchester united as they face the Parisians in the round 16 of the UEFA champions league. However, Bruno Genesio's side are confident about facing Barcelona after their weekend victory. Les Rouge-et-Bleu along with Juventus were the teams in the major European leagues with the unbeaten streak. However, the weekend defeat nullified PSG from making the continuous run leaving just Juventus with the feat. Word Of Encouragement. It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. As you celebrate the loss of 3 points, other out there are celebrating the joy of gaining three points. Some days are meant to be like that. Thanks For Reading...

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