Soccer / international

International soccer breaks feel like windows 98 - time to move on? Are we clutching onto tradition, regardless of it's lack of demand? There is that sense of dull and dated purpose of the international soccer/football scene moving further into the twenty-first century. I suppose there is a minor need for tradition, regardless of it being an obligation but why have we gradually began to see international football/soccer this way? Simple. It conflicts we the week in and week out passion of local football/soccer. The Premier League has such a large impact weekly, has all the fans and the biggest money, international football is an obligation to the developments of consistent, passion, pride and quality we desire of the premier league. I get the feeling international football is more of an obligation than and opportunity. Let's be honest, the players think the same It's not rock science that the players would prefer not to play together internationally. Most of the players in the top international teams are rivals on a weekly basis, they don't want to talk tactics or get too familiar with each-other. Not many international teams win trophies, generally you look to the big teams Spain, Germany, France etc. This leave the lower teams playing for pride of your nation? A dated perspective growing into an inclusive world that doesn't want to define others as different. International duty is actually terrible pay, so financially this is a liability too for over 80% of players. So why as fans and players are we doing it if the majority aren't interested anymore? Well players will play regardless of their own desires, refusing to play for your country would be a massive PR problem and the media would massively damage their career developments in the PL, CL, La Liga or wherever they choose to play. Fans are losing interest, the international style of football for the most part is messy. Players who aren't used to playing together and largely differing in quality can leave the overall team looking messy and not the best to watch. Moving forward I fount myself this week checking up on fixtures and saw the Uefa Nations League and my initial though wasn't one of joy or excitement but one of: "oh great I'm going to have to wait another week or two for Premier league action". This left me thinking, honestly... I don't care about international football anymore, I just want to see Premier League and Champions league action (or even other league action like La Liga, Bundesliga etc). I thought I would be 100% satisfied with just The World Cup every 4 years, or changing it to every 2/3, that my thirst for international football is virtually zero and the World cup is more than enough, I want PL and CL action, does anyone else feel this way?

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