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Beat This - My Football World XI 2018
Football has seen some wonderful trends this year as this was the year of football World Cup. There were not many people who expected Croatia to make it to the final but that is how the game of many nations has improved with that in mind we can expect something bigger in future. Most of the football fans are enjoying the English Premier League as it gives us the opportunity to see our favorite players perform for their clubs. So, I have done some analysis and I am going to present to you my team of the year 2018. I hope the collection suits you and you can respond to any changes in the comment section. Image Source So I bring you, my team and I hope that my selection will be appropriate for the year 2018. GoalkeeperDavid De Gea Image Source The Spanish Star Goalkeeper David De Gea is without a doubt one of the best goalkeepers in football currently. Spain may not have had a good run in World Cup but this player has kept the teams far from the net since a few years now. He arguably has held things together for Manchester United in the time of the downfall. David De Gea is important for Manchester United and Spain if they plan on winning any tournaments soon. He had the most number of clean sheets last year for his club. Defenders 2. Marcelo Brazilian Left-back Marcelo is put under the category of the best defenders of the world. Marcelo has a great pass accuracy and his aggression and ball making skills make him the best left-back present in the business. Marcelo performed well in the World Cup and was the key guy for the team along with Neymar. He made it to the World XI 2017 and it looks like he will try to continue the trend now. 3. Sergio Ramos Image Source Sergio Ramos is a very loud definition of a perfect defender for the team. This Centre-Back has improved over the years and transformed into the best of the best. What makes him special is his passion to win tackles and to win games. He is strong, dedicated and wants to win. He definitely is an important part of the defense line of the team. Ramos even has great skills to score from set pieces especially corners. 4. Mat Hummels The German Centre-Back may not be the best choice for this position but definitely is the second best after Ramos. Hummels has had some injury issues in the past year but his run with Bayern Munich has surely made him one of the leading Centre-back of the World. Hummels has had a good run in two of the World Cup appearances so far and is developed into a strong and calm defender for his team. 5. Giorgio Chiellini One of the greatest players in the history of Juventus, Chiellini may not be as famous as the other players on the list so far but his inclusion emphasizes how important he has been for Juventus as a leader and as the key Defender. With over 400 appearances for Juventus, he has been involved in some great results for his club and is still rated as the best of the defenders in the world based on his performances so far. Midfielders 6. Luka Modric Image Source There is not much to say about this player as he has been a sensation this year. Modric lead his young side to their first ever World Cup Final. Luka Modric is playing for Real Madrid now and there are few too many better than him in the midfield. He is an amazing ball maker and keeps on penetrating the defense line on numerous occasions. He deserves to be on any list this season for his amazing performances throughout the year so far. 7. Kevin De Bruyne Image Source Every team needs a young and sharp midfielder, one who can rotate and keep moving up and down the field consistently and then suddenly come up with some special gaps and ball play. De Bruyne holds that position for me. He has a nice eye to look for gaps and decent feet control which when work together can always be dangerous. He has been consistent for his club and his national side and certainly has a long way to go. De Bruyne is a classy little player with interesting passing accuracy. 8. Toni Kroos Image Source If you want to know who is the best midfielder in the world right now, I will come up with only one answer and that is the German International Toni Kroos, who for me is a legend already. Having spent most of his time as a midfielder in Bayern Munich, this star has come up with something special for Real Madrid. A specialist of set pieces, specialist ball-maker and a key to almost all the attacks of the team. He is my personal favorite in this position. Forwards 9. Christiano Ronaldo Image Source I know you expected this name, Christiano Ronaldo is the best right forward in the game and you just wouldn't want to replace him by any means. His pace, ability, skills, composure, strength, passion and his hard work is something no one can touch. He continues to reign the world with his complete performances for his team. A great player who will be in the category of the best players of all time and an inspiration for many, Christiano Ronaldo. 10. Lionel Messi Image Source Lionel Messi, Argentina may not have been doing well in international football but the name Messi has made that nation very proud. Lionel Messi is the real talent that exists in the world of Football, he is a great left forward and is currently rated as the best player with his great competitor Christiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi is an overall performer with great passing skills, dribbling skills, ball-making, and the finishing skills. He is lightning fast and clearly the best among many. 11. Neymar Jr. Image Source You need a striker who has the ability to play with both feet and when you have someone like Neymar who can do it then there is no better. Neymar had a dream run when he was a part of the Barcelona's deadly trio of Messi, Suarez and him. Neymar is an amazing finisher and he has proven that with his new club PSG, not only that he has over 50 goals for his national side in not many appearances. He is my best choice for a striker this time around. I hope you like my selection of the best team for 2018, I will like to hear from you if you want to make any changes to the team. Thank you and have a great day.