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UEFA for the EP2020 draw: Serbia and Kosovo are not in the same group
The European Football Association (UEFA) has a decades-long practice of avoiding duels between teams whose countries have strained political ties. It will not be an exception, nor in the drawing of the qualification groups for EP 2020, which will be organized for the first time in ten countries. Western media, according to sources at the headquarters in Nyon, write about the separation of five selections that can not be found in the same group. As a reason for citing disturbed relationships and tensions that could be a part of the matches. So, the Serbian national team, as it was the case before, will be crossing with Kosovo whose team will not play either BiH. The other couples that will not be allowed are Russia - Ukraine, Spain, Gibraltar and Azerbaijan - Armenia. The draw for the European Championship teams in 2020 is scheduled for December 2 in Dublin Play-off Teams that fail in the classical qualification may qualify for the final UEFA Euro 2020 tournament by playing in the League League - each League guarantees one place. The participants will be all the winners in the group (16 teams). Each winner of a group who is already qualified for the final tournament through the classical qualification will be replaced by the best unqualified team in the given League (best runner-up, second best runner and so on). But what if there are less than 4 unqualified teams in the given League? There are two possible replacement methods: 1) If this League has at least 1 unqualified winner in the group, then THEIR LEAGUE will be filled out by the best unqualified teams. 2) If this league has no incompetent winners in the group, then the vacancies in this League will be filled out by the best best unqualified teams - PERSONAL LEAGUE. The reason for both substitutions is the rule that the winners in the group can not play in play-off against higher league teams. When the substitution is in the end and we know all 16 play-offs, it's time to play pairs for play. In each League - the best ranked team will play against the fourth best team (and 2 against 3). But what if there are more than 4 games out of the same league? In that case, there will be a draw, which decides which teams will remain in this league and which teams will play the playoff against the teams from the higher leagues. Please note - the winners in the group will never be part of a draw because they can not play against higher league teams, as already mentioned. World Cup in Russia brought profit to 12.5 billion euros The World Football Championship in Russia in the period 2013-2018 brought in a revenue of 952 billion rubles, or about 12.5 billion euros, according to Russian media, citing the Organizing Committee of the World Cup. Maximum consumption expenditure, infrastructure investments and other factors increased. Between June 14 and July 15, at 12 stadiums in 11 cities, more than nine billion dollars were spent. The sales revenues of small and medium-sized enterprises increased significantly and in the period of five years they amounted to 797 billion rubles. The effect of the World Cup in tourism in the coming years will be positive, and the state budget will fall between 40 and 70 billion rubles. UEFA has found a "scapegoat" for serving the FFP rule UEFA has recently made a controversial decision on the Finals' Fair Play rule in various cases, and in a situation where he pardoned Milan and PSG for the apparent wrongdoing in investments and transfers, the highest European body has now found a so-called "scapegoat". Rubin Kazan this afternoon was punished with a one-year ban on competing in the European competition, as a result of the failure to meet the proportions imposed by the FFP rule that continues to create great confusion and public debate. UEFA really uses double standards when it comes to this rule, which, according to what has been seen so far, is valid only for smaller clubs, and not for giants who spend a lot of money over the past years. - Club Rubin Kazan is excluded from participation in the next UEFA competition for which he will provide participation in the next two years, - states in the official position of the European football house. Germany will play for survival? In Paris, in the match of the Football League of Nations, league A, world champion France beat Germany (2-1), who suffered the sixth defeat this year, mostly in history. "Tricolor", who managed to recover the deficit from 0-1 in the second half, were in a series of 16 matches defeated. Germany has no chance to be the first in Group 1 and with the Netherlands home on November 19 will play for survival in league A, if three days earlier the Netherlands did not beat France home. Remains not to forget Miracle in Iran: After 39 years, women watched football at the stadium! It is not known whether this will be an isolated case or something happened in Iran, but after 1979, or almost four decades, women were finally allowed to come to the stadium and watch football. Iranians could see and cheer the national team in Tehran in a friendly match with Bolivia (2-1). Women who are related to footballers, employees of the Iranian football federation, as well as members of the women's football and futsal national team have been given priority at the tribunes. Until now, women in Iran were banned from going to sports events, at least on football, and recently this practice was interrupted by the opportunity to watch volleyball swords, and during the World Cup in Russia they were allowed to enter stadiums where massive video - the matches were followed by the matches of the national team. For now, there is no announcement whether this is an incidental decision by the authorities in this Islamic country or will become a regular practice.