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Forgotten Genius Isco, Resurrection under Real Legend Zidane.
Will the forgotten genius Isco (27, Real Madrid) renew under team legend Zinedine Zidane? Legend Zidane has returned to real Madrid, Nine months after resigning from the command post, he took the baton again. Real has continued to fall since Zidane left. This season, the Uefa champions league (UCL)'s round of 16 failed. In the semifinals of the Copa del Rey (Spain's King's Cup), he bowed to his rival Barcelona and gave him a ticket to the finals. Real is still struggling to win third place, 12 points behind Barcelona. There is a tragic hero who has had as difficult a time at Real. Isco, a Spanish-class midfielder blossomed under Zidane. Real's first three consecutive UCL losses have been achieved. They was over too soon. Zidane left Real and Isco's position was sharply reduced. He was throughly shunned by director Santiago Solari. Isco wore a Real uniform in the summer of 2013. Until last season, Spain's Primera Liga played more than 30 games in five consecutive seasons. Since Solari took the team, his chances of playing have been greatly reduced. Isco has only played in 16 games, which lasted until the 27th round of the league. Even this game has been replaced by 11 games. Isco is dreaming of rebirth with Zidane. He appeared at the sports brand event and opened his mouth to Zidane's comeback. "We all know him. "I was great as a player and I have achieved everything as a coach," Isco said. "It is fantastic for everyone that he has come back to Real. Zidane led Real three consecutive UCL, Spanish Primera Liga won, and FIFA Club World Cup title, becoming a real legend. "Zidane loves Real," Isco said. "I hope he will lead us back to victory," wishing us a revival of the Renaissance. The league is the only competition left for Real this season. On Friday the team will hold 28 rounds of the league with Celta Vigo. Since the match against Barcelona on Oct. 29, last year, Isco is aiming to return to the starting lineup for the first time in the league.