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Israel team hopoel beersheva will miss John ogu
Players go only after big contracts, loyalty and passion for the game were replaced in the pursuit of a fat bank account and it. The media amplifies the stars and the Star Coalition controls while the footballers who work really hard disappear within all of this. But we soccer fans are still excited by the little things. Fighting, sacrifice, passion, love of the symbol, love of the club and respect for the fans. A player who broadcasts on the same wave with his audience always. If they want war, he gives his ass. If they want to win, he runs like a patient on the field until the last second. If they want to finally feel Winners, it will make them feel that way. John Ugo has all these qualities. The phenomenal ability on the field, being a foreign player above the league, the successes with the team, the important victory goals, the pushing, the curses, the unnecessary reds, the leadership and the dance after the game. Ugo is a player that makes you fall in love with the game again. Everything he does is filled with emotion. Sometimes it hurt him, and he hurt us. But it's John Ugo and the love for him is stronger than anything. What is most exciting about the whole story of Ugo is his way in Hapoel Be'er Sheva. A player who came to Peking in a training game against Maccabi Petah Tikva after being sidelined by his team in Portugal and his career was a drastic fall. Training game, Vasermil, 4000 spectators. Ugo looked no wow on his face. A bit of a belly, a lack of professionalism, his pants always down and his light run looking heavy and tired. From the first touch he silenced the entire stadium. And from there everything is history. Ugo led Hapoel Be'er Sheva to achievements they had never dreamed of. Among the best back ties that came to our country. Alongside Ovidu Hoban and Maharan Radi, he led a link system that would be very difficult to reconstruct in the coming years. His rivalry with Maccabi Tel Aviv, the tears in the cup final, the promise he will give the audience, his nerves in his losses, his madness in the victories. John Ugo entered the heart of an entire city through his heart. This player deserves all the good words we have in the database and a respectful and emotional farewell, just like his tenure in the group. Thanks John. Ugo is crazy! John Ugo Rising Up Rising Up! Or Laka Ah!

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