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Sampdoria Vs Juventus
SOURCE The team Sampdoria will receive this Sunday May 26th the extraordinary team Juventus in a match that will be very interesting game of the series A of the Italian league. The Sampdoria team is in 9th place in the table with 37 games played, of which it has won 14, lost 15 and tied 8 for a total of 50 points. For its part, Juventus is first in the table of positions, with 37 games played, of which it has won 28, lost 3 and tied 6 for a total of 90 points. As we can see the numbers of each of the teams, is evident the superiority of Juventus, as it doubles the number of victories of Sampdoria. SOURCEThe last 5 matches of the Sampdoria team The last 5 matches of the team Sampdoria has lost 3 games and has tied 2. SOURCEThe last 5 matches of the Juventus team The last 5 games of the Juventus team has won 1 game, lost 1 game and tied 3 games. Performance of both teams to date FACE TO FACE Juventus - Sampdoria 2-1 29/12/2018 SAMPDORIA PERFORMANCE The previous match of Sampdoria against Chievo Verona ended with a 0 - 0. Looking at Sampdoria's last 10 performances, he played 10 times at home and won 4 of these games. During the last 6 months, Sampdoria won a total of 11 games and only lost in 11, while 5 game(s) ended in a tie. JUVENTUS PERFORMANCE The previous match of Sampdoria against Atalanta ended with a 1 - 1. In their last 10 games, Juventus achieved 3 victories. They scored 12 and conceded 1.2 goals on average. In the last 6 months, the team has scored goals in 29 games. At home it had 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats. SOURCE OUR PREDICTION According to the very detailed statistical analysis of both teams and according to their respective performances, our prediction is a 3-0 away win for Juventus. And what do you think of this encounter? Who do you think will win?