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It had to be the anti-juventus, one of the many and instead the Rome of coach Di Francesco sinks, sinks heavily. Lots of bad luck but a villainous market that has brought only uncertainty and confusion. Sold Naingolann and Strootman and in midfield arrives Pastore and a couple of minor players. One of the strongest goalkeepers in the world like Allison goes away and the unknown Olsen arrives. Allison was also unknown when he arrived , but a Champions semifinalist can not lower his own standard. Today everyone is pointing the finger at the excellent Di Francesco but the reality is that the faults are to be reserved for Monchi, the general manager that in two years has assembled and dismantled everything in good and bad. The clamorous misfortune of Rome seems to be directly proportional to the luck of the Inter, an ugly Inter, but with tenacity and character pulls down to 94 'before Tottenham and then Sampdoria. In this case the miracle seems to be more of the goddess blinded than of Spalletti but so much so that today in Rome crying and Milan no, Inter shore. Oh yes because in Milan, AC Milan side there is so much concern for a team in the relegation zone, thanks a bad schedule but also a lot of confusion in the game, while beautiful and in the goal area where the excellent Pipita seems not to have given much more strength. Lazio laughs, and laughs doubly because of the AC Roma problems. Great last performances, crackling, as Simone Inzaghi has accustomed us for years now. Fiorentina is the anti-Juventus that nobody expected, bubbling, young and effective. The truth is that Sarri or not, top player or not Napoli seems to be the only team ready to give battle. A calendar of fire that has allowed us to get to know Ancellotti's team better, where the turn over is not a bad word and the game, although not as amazing as the "Sarriano" one, remains excellent. Juve is there, 2 steps, as well as the direct confrontation. Still the usual duel?

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