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King Kazu Extends Contract at the Age of 51
King Kazu. Source: The Japan Times Age is just a number. That seems to be true for Kazuyoshi Miura, known as King Kazu. The aging player has just extended a one-year contract with a J2 League club, Yokohama FC. King Kazu was born on February 26, 1967, so he will turn 52 in about a month. But there is no sign that he will soon retire from football. In an interview he once said that he did not intend to become a manager, he just wanted to play another game. His everyday goal is to play the next game. The typical footballers usually retire at the age of 35. Because playing football gives a huge burden to the body. As you get older, your speed will decrease as well as your reflex and power. For the goalkeeper position, there are indeed some players who still play until the age of 40, because the position demands lighter physical activity. But King Kazu is a forward, and he is still playing until the age of nearly 52. Kazu Dance, his way to celebrate a goal. Source: The Japan Times Kazuyoshi Miura is indeed not an ordinary footballer, he even started his career in an unusual way. In 1982, at the age of 15, Kazu left school and went to Brazil to become a professional footballer. In Brazil, he joined Clube Atletico Juventus until 1986. He then joined Santos at the age of 19 as a professional player. That's why King Kazu's first professional club was Santos, not some Japanese club. In 1990 King Kazu returned to Japan and joined the Yomiuri SC which later renamed to Verdy Kawasaki. Returning to Japan after his time in Brazil made Kazu a football star. In 1994 he joined Genoa and played in Serie A for one season before returned to Verdy Kawasaki. During the 1990-2000 period King Kazu was part of the Japanese national team, however, he did not participate at the 1998 World Cup because his name was dropped at that time. King Kazu currently holds the record as the world's oldest footballer as well as the world's oldest goal-scorer. A record that seems very difficult to break by other footballers, considering that modern football is becoming more competitive. It's nearly impossible for players over 40 to be able to compete with young players. All hail King Kazu!

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