Soccer / james rodriguez

"This can not be happening to us"
This we can not be happening, "I said a seasoned Argentine journalist on the floor of Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, where Argentina broke a streak of nearly 12 years without losing to Colombia. And the disappointment is the general feeling among any ' Argento 'self-respecting football fan. Three final losses in a row, a Russian World to forget this start of Copa America ... trauma sit up in the stands. we've been in every tournament since the 2002 World Cup Argentina and remember so little 'bar' in the streets like tonight in Salvador. Maybe it's just a first impression of the fans cheer up after this agonizing game, but the thing painted mal.Esta Salvador city is very picturesque. We descended from the ' Pelouriño ', the famous historic center of Bahia, and we already saw little festive atmosphere, nothing to do with other Argentina-Colombia that I had to live and tell, the Argentine fans, usually superior to the rival in almost any the field that is treading on the world, was overcome this time by the Colombian, with Brazilian reinforcements, yes. They tell me from Argentina that the wound of those three lost finals and a discreet World Cup in Russia have diminished the morale of the unbreakable 'argento' fan. Surely it recovers to little that Messi ... The stands, by the way, recorded many gaps. Something incredible because, officially, it was decreed that there are no tickets at the Fonte Nova Arena. Well no, there were plenty of free seats in an effect similar to what we sometimes see in Europe. In the stands gave the feeling that there was much 'impartial' that encouraged the sun that warmed more at every moment. If not, it is not explained that, with the distribution of fans reviewed, James and Messi, the two 10 were acclaimed equally to be announced in the alignments. So it was 'in situ' a game to forget ... for the game , although Colombia sang victory and left with a great final taste: 2-0.