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Isco, the new James
Isco Alarcón is being the main victim of the arrival of Santiago Hernán Solari to the bench of Real Madrid. The Malaga midfielder is living a situation similar to that of James Rodríguez before leaving the 'merengue' team. After the World Cup in Russia and Real Madrid's decision to hire Julen Lopetegui, everything indicated that it would be a great year for Isco, a footballer who had always entered the coach's plans during his time as national coach. Something that was demonstrated during the first meetings of Julen at the head of the bench. However, the bad results led to the dismissal of the coach, an event that triggered a domino effect that is still suffering on '22'. The malagueño does not find chemistry with Solari. The Argentine and the Spanish would have already had their pluses and minuses. The 'no' call in the Champions League match against Roma, the straw that broke the camel's back. A tense situation that recalls the one that James Rodríguez lived with Zinedine Zidane before the Colombian decided to leave Madrid for Munich. The Frenchman did not count on him and made it clear that Isco and Marco Asensio were far ahead. "James has left because he knew he was not going to play," the Frenchman said shortly after learning that the 'coffee' player would not remain on the squad. Several months later, Arroyo de la Miel goes through a similar situation. Following the example of the Colombian, the easiest thing would be to take the route of an exit, especially after the rumors of the interest of several teams in him that have been accentuated even more after seeing the latest events in the dressing room 'merengue'. The other alternative that the Malaga has is to stay and try to win the trust of Solari. Something that is familiar to him from his beginnings in the club, although he also had to do it with Zidane. The French insisted on aligning the 'bbc', but finally the Malaga was making a hole in the plans of the coach and ended up being providential in the three Champions League signed in recent years.