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Why Some Jersey Number Are More Valued Than Others
image When growing up as children we loved playing football at every given opportunity during school break or after school in the primary school days. We thought that the football jersey number was limited to just 1-11 because only 11 players are always on the pitch and when substitution are made, the player coming in will exchange his jersey with the player going out to balance the jersey numbering system. What a funny childhood experience, hahaha. Then, my favourite number was number 10 of Nigeria former Hull City player Jay-Jay Okocha. With time we came to understand that the number on players jersey was not only limited between 1-11 but some players have proven at a point in time to be a golden generation player for their various club sides either in making history or breaking them or rather pulling a spectacular master piece of display that is extra ordinary thereby attractive a given number of jersey other players will love wear, for example Didie Drogba equaliser against Bayern Munich is Champions league 2012 finals will live in the heart of any Chelsea fan that witness Drogba era couple with his extra ordinary ability in front of goals therefore making the number 11 jersey valued. To some other players it is based on their loyalty to the club right from their childhood despite having opportunities to leave club for money like the likes of Stephen Gerrard of Liverpool 8, John Terry 26 of Chelsea all making their jersey number respectable. I could remember John Terry’s 26 minutes substitution fare ware match vividly. Every football club has a jersey number that is held at a very high esteem that any player that must wear it will be ready to shoulder the responsibility that comes with wearing such a shirt. This boils down to the fact that, some playing really did something spectacular that the club or the fan ball will never forget them for. Most of the times many football clubs have used the value they place on a jersey number to lure some players during the transfer windows to show how important they value the services of such player. Currently, Bayern Munich is using such antics on Chelsea wonder kid Hudson-Odoi by promising him Robben’s number 10 jersey. That also played out when Ronaldo moved to Juventus as number 7 jerseys was presented to him. Ronaldo remains one of the players that have won the Ballon d’Or males award playing for an English premier league side. His abilities, power and skills wearing that number 7 Jersey has made it difficult for any player to wear that number successfully in Manchester United since he left. Ronaldo has gone extra mile to make the jersey number 7 to become one of the most valued football Jersey of all time in terms of market value with CR7 acronym and Alexis Sanchez has done little to prove the responsibility that comes with that number. We have witness many other players wear wield jersey number that one couldn’t just image and most times their reason for doing such may not be clearly defined. One of such wield jersey number I have witness is Brazilian Robinho jersey number 70, Yaya Toure putting the number 42 for Manchester city likewise Balotelli with 45 at Liverpool. Players who have brought honour to their jersey number are Lampard, Gerrar and Inesta wearing 8, Maradona, Pele and Messi making the number 10 jersey the most valued of all time. The list goes on with other jersey numbers. Conclusion I really love to wear football jersey especially those of Chelsea Fc extract. I was once in love with Frank Lampard’s jersey number 8 but Eden Hazard had taken over that love I had for Lampard’s humility in the pitch and powerful shot with his dribbling skills and body movement still couple with humility in the pitch like Frank Lampard as well. My favourite jersey number is Number 10 which the number Eden Hazard wears. Feel free to add your favourite jersey number Reason for such number if possible The player that wore it The club he played for