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The Number 10 Jersey and the Story
Soccer is not interesting just because of the world class players who play the game, but they are many components which are also part of what make the game of football interesting and a worldwide sport. The jersey numbering is another unique feature both players and fans finds interest in it. when s new player is signed into a team the next thing fans wants to know is which jersey number is being allocated to that particular player while on the other hand players themselves seek to wear a particular number of jersey that is peculiar to them throughout their career so sometimes they are contest on who wears a particular number of jersey. Numbering of jersey started way back 1928 when the then Arsenal Manager Herbert Chapman initiated the ideal of players having their strips numbered when his side wanted face Sheffield Wednesday, but his ideal was abolished by the English football governing body, it was not until 1939 before Chapmans’ ideology was accepted after many reviews, it was seen as something for the future and it will help give the players awareness on the pitch and also relation with their teammates. A numbering of 1 to 11 was adopted which still stands till date. Though some other positon numbers have changed because of the more modernized formations used today in football but one number still remains constant which is the number 1 jersey worn by the goalkeeper. In the old number system where a 2-3-5 for formation was used, the two strikers wore the 9 and 10 jersey but in recent times such as the 4-4-2 formation is a different setting entirely the number 10 jersey is basically a central midfielder or most times play a free roll behind the strikers.Many have believed the jersey number 10 are made for iconic players or probably a playmaker or should I say a star man in a particular team. I will not argue about their judgement on that because for long time now we have seen many good players taking up the jersey and a large percentage of them have been wonderful players during their career, could it be mere superstitions believe or some kind of coincidence. It is also fair to say that the jersey comes with a lucky charm and that is why is been given to some peculiar players. ---------- Let Me walk You through some number 10 jersey’s ● Zinedine Zidane if I was to write a story about this legendary player it will definitely be a full article on its own, Zidane ruled the footballing stage as player and coach, he was a key part of France world cup triumph in 1998, his two headed goal was enough to put Brazil away in the finals, he won the Ballon do’r award that year and he is one of the eight players to have won the best player award, world cup and champions league. Zidane showed class during his playing time in Juventus and Real Madrid where he came back as a coach and dropped his name ones again in the history books leading his team to three times Europe champions. He wore jersey number 21 and 5 for Juventus and Real Madrid respectively but he had his name written all over the Number 10 jersey of the France National team. ● Francesco Totti Roma football club and fans will always have this iconic player at heart, his 25 –years playing time at the club brought them nothing but good memories, he was among the squad that won the 2006 world cup for Italy, he also won the Seria A with his club in 2000. He is indeed a true legend of Roma. He was the all-time jersey number 10 holder for both club and his country ● Ronaldinho He is one player that kept defenders trembling when they face him, a very skillful player to the core who is also known for his goal scoring and passing ability. His career began to boom when he came to Barcelona. A world cup winner and also a European cup winner he also has numerous individual awards to his name that made him stood out. Ronaldinho wore the iconic jersey for his team and country that earned the number much respect. ● Pele Unfortunately for me I was not born in the Era of a great player like Pele, him and his Brazilian team dominated footballing stage with their Ginga style of play. His goal scoring prowess was out of this world, he was known for his ability to read opponents and taking accurate decisions. Till date he is still known as one of the best players to have grazed the football field. He won the world cup 3 times and also excelled greatly with his club side New York cosmos and Santos, no doubt he wore the number 10 jersey throughout is playing days. ● Diego maradona Have you head of the “hand of god”, he was the man behind it when he scored with his hand against England in the 1986 world cup, and he also delivered another master piece in same game when he scored a solo goal dribbling from around the half mark to stun England with another unbelievable goal. The jersey number 10 was his for Argentina. ● Lionel Messi You can’t talk on a topic of this magnitude and don’t mention him, a true definition of a complete play, the only stain to his award room his winning the world cup, but aside that he has won every other honours or title he has contested for. He ceased the number 10 jersey from his former teammate Ronaldinho and he has been the number 10 jersey number for his country. Share your thoughts about the number ten jersey, and also which players do you think sucks with this number. All images were edited by me Thanks reading 👏👏