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Stop Joginho Stop Chelsea
Hello everyone! Welcome back to another sport educating post from @Oxygen02. Today i will be more emotional about my lovely team Chelsea Football Club. Recently, I posted about SarriBall problem and my possible solution and as you can see the whole now, you will agree with me that if things is not been done faster, the team will find it very difficult to qualify for next season champions league competition. Meet Jorginho Jorge Luiz Frello Filho popularly know as Jorginho is a Brazilian born Italian player who can play as a defensive midfielder and attacking midfielder at times. He started his football career at Verona U19 and graduated to Hellas Verona in year 2010 and was later loan out to sambonifaceses. He later return to Hellas Verona after his loan and was sign by Napoli in 2014 with £9.5m and was a key figure in the Napoli team. He sign for Chelsea in the beginning of the season with £57m after dumping Manchester city and immediately adapt to the English Premier league by dominating every Chelsea match with passes. How Other Team Plan To Stop Chelsea This is the man in the heart of Sarri play due to the fact that he has worked with Mauri Sarri( current Chelsea coach) at Napoli and really understand the SarriBall tactics. One of the reason why Cesc Fabrigas has fallen behind the pecking order. It has come to my notice now that every club in the league are really working on Jorginho after watching the last two premier league matches against Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. Against Everton, he was really tired of the game to the fact that the coach have no choice than to remove him for Fabrigas and against Tottenham Hotspur, my love for him dropped down a little bit after Son molest him with his speed in what later resulted to goal. Sarri has failed to realise that the problem Chelsea is facing in the recent weeks has to do with the midfield. Though, the defense line is nothing to write about because David Luiz is not the Luiz i use to know but what Sarri need to correct now is playing Kante in DM or switch to 4-2-3-1 formation and allow Kante to protect the CB or give Fabregas a more playing time. To me the best way to attack is to defend. Chelsea will always dominate every match with this tactics but whenever the team is been attack, it is always a problem. Against Tottenham, they really work on Jorginho and never allow him to have much play on the ball. Sarri himself after the match say something worth if quotation: The problem with the last 3 matches was our approach to the matches. If you went to the pitch with that approach and there's a strong opponent like Tottenham, the problem is bigger, I think. They were able to destroy us in the 1st 15 mins. What I have really understand about the English premier league is that you don't stick to one formation and think is going to work in every match because this is the same problem that Conte had by sticking to the 3-4-3 formation and before he know it, this same Tottenham use it against him and spoil his unbeaten run. Jorginho is new to the league and has only play few matches and now every team are now targeting him and is really affecting the whole team because when he doesn't have more possession of the ball the team went on to lose or draw the match. Ngolo Kante will have win that ball back successfully from Son or allow him to lose the ball. Conclusion From my observation in the last two league matches, when Jorginho off, the whole team off except Kante and with this every team now know that the best way to stop Chelsea this season is to stop Jorginho. Something need to be done. Note: All images are google related. I hope you find this post interesting and educating, until then, I remain my humble self @Oxygen02. Thanks For Reading.