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Josef Martinez: The King of the MLS!!!
A couple of days ago Atlanta United won the MLS Cup against the Portland Timbers with Josef Martinez as the MVP of the game, but who is this guy that has become the most notorious player on the MLS? Let's find it out!! Josef Martinez is a 25 years old Venezuelan football player that started his professional career at the young age of 17 years with the Caracas Football Club, one of the most important football teams on the Venezuelan league. After two spectacular seasons he was signed on January 2012 by the Young Boys of Switzerland where he doesn't have much time to show his skills during the second half of the 2011/12 and the full 2012/13 season, he was loaned to the Fc Thun where he had an amazing first half of the season scoring 8 goals that brought him back to Young Boys to end the other half of the 2013/14 season to score another 3 goals. After that successful run on the 2013/14 season the Torino FC from Italian Football League, Serie A, would sign him to give him a lot of space to develop his skills and they kept their word. He played a total of 58 games during his three seasons on the team but couldn't score many goals, only 7, because of this they decided to loan him to the Atlanta United from the Major League Soccer, a league that is improving its level season after season and that could provide him enough space to develop his talent, and it was the best choice Martinez could take, because his career has been an uptrend since his arrival to the USA. The first year 2017 ( the MLS works with a full year competition between the league and the cup) he scored the amazing number of 19 goals on 21 games, and this present year he did the outstanding number of 35 goals in 39 games to help his team, Atlanta United, achieve the League Championship. During this year he proved to be the best player of the year by helping his team with 31 goals on the regular season and 4 goals during the playoffs that ended with the MLS Cup against the Portland Timbers where he scored the opening goal and an assist for the second goal that closed the scoreboard to a comfortable 2-0. All of this earned him the MVP award of the MLS Cup and Landon Donovan Award for the MVP of the season, and of course the golden boot award for being the top scorer of the whole season. Contrary to one could think after this two outstanding seasons on the Atlanta United and with the end of cycle atmosphere that the team is experiencing with the departure of their coach Di Martino and of many important players like Miguel Almiron, Josef declared that he feels at home at Atlanta United and that he has decided to stay on the team as long they want him to. And his declarations are what we could expect of a young talented player that has left his home country at a very young age to find his place at the elite of football world on Europe, and after a couple of disappointments ends up at, maybe not the best league of the world, but one that is improving year after year and that makes him feel respected, by its fans, the team and the MLS, therefore there is no reason for him to leave the team and a hundred reasons for him to stay at the team that saw him became one of the top strikers of the world!!! Thanks for reading and stopping by, leave a comment and let's share our opinions!!! Goodbye!!!